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Jeph Loeb used to be a producer on Lost but he moved over to Heroes. Best Comic (in my opinion): The Long Halloween.

Brian K. Vaughan writes the comics Y The Last Man and Runaways among  many others. He joined the writing staff for Lost last year. Best Comic: Ex Machina.

Joss Whedon used to do the Buffy TV show. He's taking over Brian's Runaways comic. Best Comic: The Astonishing X-men.

All 3 of them are going to write arcs of the Buffy Season 8 comic book.

sxsw07 miscellany II

random flickery sxsw images / 1/2/3/4/5/6

+ NPR's sxsw
+ Austin 360's sxsw
+ The Chronicles sxsw
+ Exclusive Interview with the Podcast Pickle
+ Cover Girl Amy Winehouse - Back To Black (Video)
+ Okkervil River @ Live KEXP
+ Ghostland Observatory @ Playboy Party
+ Mew at SXSW Zookeeper's Boy
+ Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Blog: hello from sxsw
+ Where’s the Action at SXSW? ( The Umbrella girl from one of the pictures above shows up on this )
+ outwithme - "update coming up"

South By Southwest 2007 Miscellany

+ KEXP live from SXSW
BBC @ SXSW broadcasts
+ Esquire: South by Snapshot
+ The DL: Badges? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges!
+ Grouper.com sxsw videos


eisley| There For You on Vimeo

Highlight #1 for me was Eisley at the Virb outdoor stage. I really liked their new song "Body Snatchers"( I believe that was the name). The new album comes out "June-ish" per Sherri's statement during their set and I liked all the new tunes they played.

Highlight # 2 - Amy Winehouse really delivered during her set at the Island Records party. The crowd loved her.  Love is a Losing Game @ Island Records Party

Disappointment of the day: Missing Minipop after being obsessed with one of their songs all week. By the time I learned they were playing I was late to the venue and they had already played.

Celebrity sighting of the day: My friend Lela saw “Ethan” from LOST, I saw Perez Hilton.

Random photos from this day.



I can't complain. I heard the exact songs I wanted to hear from these two.

Aqualung - Pressure Suit live @ purevolume.com party

Sondre Lerche - After All live @ The Current broadcast

+ Lily Allen performing a "Heart of Glass" cover acoustically at Waterloo Records.
+ Lily Allen Disses NME at SXSW

On a whim I went to a Direct TV concert filming for Young Love and saw the kids go crazy for it. 

Sightings of the day: Kele Okereke & Matt Pinfield ( remember MTV's 120 Minutes? Those were the days eh? Staying late on Sunday night to catch the premiere of a PJ Harvey or a Radiohead videos )


Ghostland Observatory live @ KEXP from SXSW.

Ghostland Observatory Sad Sad City on Vimeo


Lily Allen talking about myspace

[day0 sxsw interactive]

+ SXSW Attracts Video Game Enthusiasts

I played against the fragdolls. They are merciless ( I'm looking at you brookelyn and calyber ). I almost won a match against them but I lost by One kill in the last 40 seconds of the match. I also played against a Halo 2 pro player form the very fun PMS clan. In a 30 minute period I saw her die only twice while she managed to get 40 kills.


In which a mix is a made from songs I would include with comments to friends on facebook/myspace, if those places were meant for honest comments.

I was floored by you but your taste in men is inexplicable. 
"Come back to me awhile, Change your style again, Come back to me awhile, Change your taste in men" | Placebo - Taste In Men - Paris

You are the most beautiful mystery I've never met.
"It's the way - She turns the tide" | U2 - Mysterious Ways - Slane Castle

I want to get on a plane and see you. Yesterday. Come here already.
"I cannot wait to call you And tell you that I landed somewhere" | Jason Mraz - "Plane" - Austin

There are only 3, maybe 5 men in the universe that will ever undertand you and I am one them. I could write the book on you.
"Chapter One we didn't really get along" | Elvis Costello - Every Day I Write the Book

Your advice is harsh and it doesn't inspire hope.
"You won't find a girl in this damn world" | PJ Harvey + Nick Cave - Henry Lee (live)

Indecisive girl, you will manage. You always do.
"Modern girls always get their way" | The Strokes + Regina Spektor - Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men - NYC

We are overdue for partying. Pull me out of the Fortress of Solitude. You are allowed. 
"Now I have Been slightly shy And I can smell a pinch of hope" | Bjork - A Hidden Place (live)

Shopping without you is very unsatisfying.
"I can't get no, oh no no no" | PJ Harvey + Björk - Satisfaction (Live)

Your drunken soliloquies are the best. Especially when they revolve around me.
"While you make pretty speeches, I'm being cut to shreds"| Radiohead - Like Spinning Plates

I remember the effect my voice had on you and that's why you will never hear me again.
"Melt in a memory, Slide in a solitude" | Elbow - Figitive Hotel- Belgium

Where have you been and what have you been doing all these years? Any day you want to talk again, you know how to find me.
"And you want a girlfriend" | Liz Phair - Fuck & Run - Live in 1995

Be. Here. Now.
"I summon you to appear my love" | Spoon - I Summon You - Berkeley

Thanks for introducing me to those girls, even though my mind is still preoccupied.
"I think its that girl" | Tori Amos - Tear in Your Hand - Glastonbury

+ Facebook Beats MySpace and YouTube
+ 10 Reasons I Didn't Start a MySpace Account

10 Years of Answering the Boatman's Call

"The Boatman's Call",
Originaly released on March 4, 1997 is one of my desert island albums.

"The world is obsessed by Cave and in turn he is obsessed by love, religion and redemption. His are the psalms that bring warmth in the chill of the night, they are the croon of the heartbroken, the cry of the lonely albatross who soars eternally across cold neurotic seas and the strum and weeping of violins that herald pain and loss in its most desperate hour of need.

He's Leonard Cohen on bended knees praying at the shrine; the black crow king swooning to vaudevillian and burlesque strums, a drunken sailor of shipwrecked, bittersweet blues and an evangelist of the sweetest ballads that drinks from the chalice of dark haired nymphets.."
The Boatman's Call Interview [1997] by Jayne Margetts (The I Magazine)

[ Into My Arms, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ] "I'm not sure which is more lilting about Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' 'Into My Arms': the promise of an ecclesiastic love from a man who doesn't believe in God, or the juxtaposition of Cave's ghoulish baritone with a delicate piano ballad."

{ (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For? Video } Back in January I had bookmarked the Boatman's Call era live performances on MTV but of course they are now gone, so if anyone has them or can point the way....

[ Green Eyes ] Interview from "Mojo Magazine" [1997]
Nick Cave: ...and Green Eyes is dedicated to Tori Amos. Especially the line about Twinkling cunt...
JM: Are you kidding?
NC: No, I am absolutely serious. Tori rubs sparkles into her pubic hair.

+ the man and his muse, the west country girl...
+ Salon - THE BOATMAN'S CALL Review
+ Nick Cave: Finding The Four-Year-Old -
Meeting Nick Cave is not what you would expect.
+ Nick Cave's Letter to MTV
+ Nick Cave's Letter to Gap
+ Grinderman are Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos...