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sxsw07 miscellany II

South By Southwest 2007 Miscellany

+ KEXP live from SXSW
BBC @ SXSW broadcasts
+ Esquire: South by Snapshot
+ The DL: Badges? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges!
+ Grouper.com sxsw videos


eisley| There For You on Vimeo

Highlight #1 for me was Eisley at the Virb outdoor stage. I really liked their new song "Body Snatchers"( I believe that was the name). The new album comes out "June-ish" per Sherri's statement during their set and I liked all the new tunes they played.

Highlight # 2 - Amy Winehouse really delivered during her set at the Island Records party. The crowd loved her.  Love is a Losing Game @ Island Records Party

Disappointment of the day: Missing Minipop after being obsessed with one of their songs all week. By the time I learned they were playing I was late to the venue and they had already played.

Celebrity sighting of the day: My friend Lela saw “Ethan” from LOST, I saw Perez Hilton.

Random photos from this day.



I can't complain. I heard the exact songs I wanted to hear from these two.

Aqualung - Pressure Suit live @ purevolume.com party

Sondre Lerche - After All live @ The Current broadcast

+ Lily Allen performing a "Heart of Glass" cover acoustically at Waterloo Records.
+ Lily Allen Disses NME at SXSW

On a whim I went to a Direct TV concert filming for Young Love and saw the kids go crazy for it. 

Sightings of the day: Kele Okereke & Matt Pinfield ( remember MTV's 120 Minutes? Those were the days eh? Staying late on Sunday night to catch the premiere of a PJ Harvey or a Radiohead videos )


Ghostland Observatory live @ KEXP from SXSW.

Ghostland Observatory Sad Sad City on Vimeo


Lily Allen talking about myspace

[day0 sxsw interactive]

+ SXSW Attracts Video Game Enthusiasts

I played against the fragdolls. They are merciless ( I'm looking at you brookelyn and calyber ). I almost won a match against them but I lost by One kill in the last 40 seconds of the match. I also played against a Halo 2 pro player form the very fun PMS clan. In a 30 minute period I saw her die only twice while she managed to get 40 kills.

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