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..the Hero....


"The Villain is the Hero in his own story" - JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #10

Foo Fighters - My Hero (live)

Tina Turner -  We don't need another Hero (live)

+ 50th Anniversary Countdown: "The Legion was the very first super-powered super-team of the Silver Age, debuting in April 1958. It predates the Justice League of America (1960), the Avengers (1961), the Fantastic Four (1961), and the X-Men (1963)..."

sneaking into oblivion and other arbitrary choices I have not made

by kreene

[ Sam Phillips - How to Quit ]

The terms of this isolation are unclear
without a mistress or a muse to report to.
I’m close to the atmosphere of your memories,
within dancing distance away from severe longing
and other engineered heartaches.
We’ll be closer as soon as you decipher my quarantine.
My heart is not a pacifist, but I sure try.

Sometimes, I still Miss You

  Photo that would of gone here is this one by Wendy Bevan. Photo removed by the photographer's request.

as manic, melodramatic and misguided as your intensity was
and as plain, puny and pristine as you body was
sometimes, I still miss you.

[ Sting- It's A Lonesome Old Town ]

I only miss you in my sleep.
I only miss you when my pride lets my heart speak.
but all I wanna do is miss you tonight.
all I wanna do is miss you tonight.

- I don’t remember the source

We are all improved by the glow of memory.
- Neil Gaiman