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// Eisley - Invasion Video


// Tales of Earthsea

+ Trailer

[ Tamiya Terashima - Ihen ~ Ryuu - from Gedo Senki (Tales From Earthsea) Original Soundtrack ]

I was a little disappointed because the film is a little slow and there weren't enough dragons and magic to my liking. Still, even a disappointing Studio Ghibli film is better than half the stuff out there.

 "Licensing problems are in the way of a North American release of Gedo Senki, with the Sci-Fi Channel, which released the miniseries Legend of Earthsea in 2004, currently holding the rights to the property. Under the current situation, the film cannot be released earlier than 2009, when Sci-Fi's rights expire" { source }

// Broken English


+ Trailer
+ 'Broken English' Unscripted - Parker Posey and Drea De Matteo

I'm going to see this next week.

[ Tegan & Sara vs. Mylo - Walking with a Ghost in Paris ]

// Ninja Gaiden Sigma

+ Trailer
Chapter 2 is visually stunning.

// Xbox 360 Achievements


"Wait around at the beginning of the game on the couch with Jenny. After you make out and wait a few seconds, the achievement will unlock, you can then get up and leave." /via


"Teabagger achievement" This is a viral achievement. You must kill and tea-bag someone who already has this achievement. Tea-bagging is standing on their face and pressing the left-thumbstick(crouch) thus making the ball-to-face connection. Repeat as desired for massive damage to the teabagged player's ego. Try not to get killed whilst teabagging as this will invetably lead to a fierce teabagging retaliation. The devs started with this achievement, so that's how the fever got started. /via

// Comics

+ All-Star Batgirl

+ BATMAN #666, "Numbers of the Beast."

+ Rumor: Heroes Game To Be Unveiled at Comic-Con


+ Bring It Home

‘Stardust’ Sword-Fighting Clip
First Look: ‘Beowulf’

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