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One Miserable Movie


So it was a few weeks ago, a hot 100+ day in the city, and to cool of we run over to the Angelika and go into whatever show is next. It happened to be "Goya's Ghost". I didn't know a thing about it. I walked by the poster and saw that it was a Milos Forman film and thought it would be good and worth while. WRONG. This is one of the most miserable movies ever. So depressing it could put you in the Suicide Watch Ward at Bellevue. Instead of Ever watching this film, I'll make some suggestions:

If you want to watch a Milos Forman film then give "Valmont" shot.
You know Javier Bardem is a power house, go back and see him in his native tongue in "Live Flesh".    
Natalie Portman didn't do the "Lolita" movie but played the role anyways in "Beautiful Girls".   
Stellan Skarsgård in "Insomnia" is 100% better than Pacino in the remake.

one flavor short of 32

photo by Jenni

The last 30 days of the 30th year

//U2: City of Blinding Lights (Live at the Brooklyn Bridge)

//Regina Spektor: Chelsea Hotel

//Eagle Seagull: I'm Sorry But I'm Beginning To Hate Your Face

//Teddy Thompson: You Finally Said Something Good (When You Said Goodbye)

//Fiona Apple & Christophe Deluy: Still I

//Tigercity: Other Girls

//The Swell Season: Sleeping

//Moby: Dream About Me

//Eisley: Just Like We Do (Live)

+ Jack Kirby Day

Howard Roark would approve of Bioshock


+ Wired: First-Person Shooter BioShock Owes More to Ayn Rand Than Doom

The architecture is all Albert Speer does art deco (A), but the world, called Rapture, is beginning to crumble and let in water. You're soon beset by deranged flappers and dandies, like Jay Gatsby's party guests gone feral (B). And, as in any first-person shooter, you reach for your gun...

Or do you?

+ 2K Games Announces The BioShock EP Featuring Period Songs Remixed by Moby and Oscar The Punk

Moby - "Wilde Little Sisters"

+ Bioshock And Ayn Rand
+ Creative Director Ken Levine on BioShock
+ Bioshock Videos
+ Review & screens
+ BioShock Art Book Now Available For Download
+ Gary Cooper as Howard Roark


"And the rest is rust and stardust..."

One of the prized books on my shelf, a signed first printing of Stardust signed by Neil with a drawing of a Luna in it. Neil is awesome. Are you going to go see the movie or What!

+ NPR: A Magical Fairy Tale Hits the Big Screen

[ Maude Maggart - Stardust ]

And the rest is rust and stardust. --Nabokov.




" The first LADIES OF THE 80s Sing-Along was one of our most popular shows of all time, but it was also one of the most difficult Sing-Alongs to put together. After compiling all of the videos we wanted to put into the program, we realized that we were trying to make a Sing-Along show that was almost five hours long. The solution, of course, was to put together a whole new show that built upon the awesomeness of the first but added even more. This time around we'll right the wrongs we committed by not having ELECTRIC YOUTH in the first show. We'll put in more Cyndi Lauper with SHE BOP and TRUE COLORS. Our Mondays will be manic and the rain will come again, falling on our heads like a memory. "

You wish you lived in Austin. You know it.