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ACL Fest, Austin, This and That


It's ACL Fest week here in Austin.

+ The White Stripes pull out of ACL | Muse will take White Stripes slot
"One wonders whether this will solve the audience-splitting problem created by the Arcade Fire/White Stripes conflict."

+ ACL Band Clash, Round 1: Spoon Vs. Queens Of The Stone Age

The Accidental Gentrifist

And sure, since you mention it, I am a little sensitive to the whole ‘Californians are flocking here, buying up real estate and homogenizing local culture’ ideology. Because it’s just not true. It’s a generalization. A stereotype that’s more reflective of your own fear and ignorance than any actual phenomenon. About as on-beam as saying gypsies steal children, or that Jews need the blood of Christian virgins, otherwise the matzoh comes out all doughy. Or that Mexicans are leprocidal wage invaders. Or maybe you’re right-on. Maybe we’re on the verge of a massive wave of people uprooting from Santa Cruz and Marin and Santa Barbara, spontaneously deciding to give up six-figure jobs, valley produce, seven months of skiing, and an Eden-like coastline—in order to live in a hot-as-seven-hells, ocean-less city surrounded by Republicans, with scant options for decent Italian food, and where the word queso doesn’t actually mean ‘cheese.’ But Lord, do we have football. And music. And healthy, pretty, friendly people... rare enough for a place with both good football and good music. My point is, you're not going to get on the boat unless you're already on board, so to speak.

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