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Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio


"Girls are not a game. Not one that you can win."

[ Gavin Friday - The Last Song I'll Ever Sing ]

+ Caruso talks Y: The Last Man trilogy
+ Brian K. Vaughan talks 'Lost'

Today I realized that all three comic book series whose endings I've really lamented, "Sandman", "Preacher" and now "Y: The Last Man", were all published by Vertigo.

Dr. House recommended!


//Ben Harper - The Drugs Don't Work
//Emm Gryner - Drug You 'Till You Love Me
//Andy Dick - Another Great Day For Drugs

+ Top Ten Reasons People Use to Get Pain Meds Early: "9.  Either you’re doing the math wrong, or the pharmacy shorted me again. There is no way in Hell I could’ve taken that many pills already."

+ Advice from an ER doctor to drug seekers: "I've seen people in a 10/10 pain and you sitting there playing tetris on your cell phone are not in 10/10 pain. "

Burnout Paradise custom soundtrack


EA Games ships games with crummy soundtracks. The new “Burnout Paradise” Soundtrack is no exception. Well, around 88% of it sucks (IMHO). This is my custom soundtrack when I play:

+ Radiohead - Killer Cars
+ Bjork - Army Of Me
+ The Rapture - Get Myself Into It
+ The White Stripes - Conquest
+ Timbaland - Bounce
+ Foo Fighters - The Pretender
+ U2 - Discotheque
+ Depeche Mode - Suffer Well
+ Kanye West - Good Life
+ Thom Yorke  The Clock
+ Garbage - Push It
+ U2 - MOFO
+ the white stripes - icky thump
+ Coldplay - Speed of Sound

Letters always get burned


I found a file with our love letters. I opened it and read a letter I wrote ten years ago today. It's rather unfortunate really.

[ Christopher O'Riley: Motion Picture Soundtrack ]

"Have you forgotten me?  I am the man you used to say you loved. I used to sleep in your arms - do you remember?  But you never write. You are perhaps mindless of me. I am not of you."
Dylan Thomas

+ Radiohead: Motion Picture Soundtrack Live
+ Nick Cave: Love Letter Live

Lost/Game/Counting the days to Season 4


+ What I Learned About Video Games From ‘Lost’
+ Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars: The videogame based on Lost was so terrible that when the company sent it to Sony for approval, they refused, saying "no, your game is too boring and has no gameplay, we don't want it on the Playstation 3." This videogame will beat records at being bad and will bomb really hard.
'Lost': Matthew Fox Flash Forwards to Season 4
+ "Lost": Doc Jensen Returns! "According to sources, if Lost can't resume work by Jan. 31 (the same date the new season premieres), it will start becoming logistically impossible to produce a full season of shows."

Alone with my radio

by ~maciejpiotr

His silence in pain. I have come through the fire of family and love. I smoke with my darling, I sleep with my friend. We talk of the poor men, broken and fled. Alone with my radio I lift up my hands. Welcome to you who read me today. Welcome to you who put my heart down. Welcome to you, darling and friend, who miss me forever in your trip to the end.
Leonard Cohen

+ Regina Spektor: On the Radio (Live)