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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns & 1986


Vowing upon his parent's death to rid the city of the criminal element, the Batman has,
over the years, fought crime in its many macabre forms ...
For the last ten years no one has seen or heard from him ...
That is, until now ...

from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, published by DC Comics from February to June 1986.

Curiosities of the year when this series came out......

// February 21 - Nintendo releases the Famicom Disk System in Japan.

// Some Billboard #1 hits

How Will I Know - Whitney Houston
These Dreams - Heart
Rock Me Amadeus - Falco
Kiss - Prince
Addicted to Love - Robert Palmer
Live to Tell - Madonna

// Top grossing films

   1. Top Gun
   2. Crocodile Dundee
   3. Platoon
   4. The Karate Kid, Part II 
   5. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

// Pulitzer Prize for Fiction: Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove

// THE BOURNE SUPREMACY was a bestseller.

// 1986 Prices - Gas: $0.93/gal, Stamps:$0.22/ea

+ Comic Books as Literature: The Dark Knight Returns

+ Whoa, someone who actually liked DK2.

+ For those who don't know: Frank Miller is still writing Batman Comics ( to be more precise "The God Damned Batman!"). With covers like this one.



Sources: Wikipedia 1986, Time Magazine, Billboard.

/a monday miscellany/


Dear Battlestar Galactica Season 4. Get here already!
/ A complete 'Battlestar' refresher


/ This song reminds me of Kate Austen: Kathleen Edwards - "In State"

/ The man above? Michael Emerson: The best actor working in American television today, that's who.

/ Additions to my Burnout soundtrack: Gnarls Barkley's "Run" & "Paper Planes" via this trailer's use of it.

/ Justice League: The New Frontier comes out tomorrow. Here's a review and here's another.

/ The art of Chip Kidd’s new book.

/ Inchworm: Bob Sabiston, creator of the rotoscoping software behind A Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly wanted to draw and animate on his DS...

/ The Dishwasher: I played it over the weekend and became a believer in XNA if games like this are going to  come out of it.

/ If it wasn't for afrojacks, I wouldn't know there's a badass "new" of live VU song out there.

/ Musica! HEAD OF FEMUR: Isn't It A Shame, Delorentos: basis of everything, Great Northern: Telling LiesOren Lavie: Her Morning Elegance.  

/ SXSW is fast approaching, a trip down memory lane: Amy Winehouse live during one of the SXSW daytime parties.

Now that you're in with the ladies nothin' that you can't do


[ Rufus Wainwright - In With The Ladies ]

"Who does your heart belong to? " was the firing shot of her inquisition. I had a weakness for her eyes so I told her the truth, as it was then. "It doesn't belong to anyone in particular. It belongs, unwillingly and without notice, to the girl who sings into my voice mail, the girl with the cute wink when she's being cheeky, the devastating beauty who reads Cohen poems, the most disloyal girl I've ever met, and... " She stopped me. "Don't worry, I can hear the emptiness between them." And that's when I knew she had delineated a broken heart out of my little list.

[ Willy Nelson - Somebody Pick Up My Pieces ]

10 years inside the Little Plastic Castle


Ani DiFranco: Little Plastic Castle - Original Release Date: February 17, 1998.
There is a romance encoded in this album for me. Transatlantic correspondences, long phone calls and a happy outlook infused by youth and foolishness. 

[As Is (live)]

and i've got
no illusions about you
and guess what?
i never did
and when i said
when i said i'll take it
i meant,
i meant as is

+ Little Plastic Castle
+ Fuel    
+ Gravel
+ Two Little Girls
+ Loom    
+ Swan Dive
+ Independence Day

Level 5's Professor Layton


There are two types of games that I would have never considered playing yet Level-5 got me right into them. The first type was Strategy RPG via Jeanne d’Arc last year and now they've suckered me into a charming little puzzle game called "Professor Layton and the Curious Village". Check out the demo on their website and videos here.

+ Professor Layton Screens And Art
+ Downloadable Layton puzzle already available
+ Professor Layton Sequel Confirmed For U.S. // Trailers
+ Jeanne d’Arc Official Page

sxsw 08: a first glance


If you are a regular reader then you can imagine that I am besides myself with the fact that Hawksley Workman and Spottisswoode & His Enemies are coming for SXSW.

Others I'm interested to see: Kate Nash, Joseph Arthur, Sia, The Kills, The Raveonettes & Minipop.

+ 2008 showcasing artist list for SXSW Music
+ Making Friends with Spottiswoode and His Enemies
Hawksley Workman "Don't Be Crushed" / "Anger As Beauty"
+ The Raveonettes: “You Want The Candy”   

+ Capitol Records in association with Dentyne Ice are offering an all access trip to SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas this March to one lucky winner and a guest for playing the Ben's Brother "Stuttering" Music Quiz

Travis Touchdown wants to beam katana your ass


[ Masafumi Takada: N. M. H ]

Dear Ubisoft: You are fucking up. Way to go in promoting this game. Dopes, you have published one of the best Wii games around and have sent it out to die. So sad. The first Wii Cult Classic is here.

+ No More Heroes: Game Intro
+ "Suda 51 is the Quentin Tarantino of game design."
+ 'No More Heroes' is a Wii game for grown-ups
+ NMH G4 review
+ Critical Reception: Ubisoft/Grasshopper's No More Heroes

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