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/a tuesday miscellany/

Desmond_2/ J. Wood: The Constant & Non-Local Brain Games (icon via)

/ Are Lost's New Time-Travel Physics Junk Science? Maybe Not..

/ The Constant is now DarkUFO readers` favorite episode..

Lastfmbandaid/ SXSW 2008 filtered by your taste: the SXSW Group page @ Last.fm

/ There's a SXSW Baby iphone version. I'm looking for anything SXSW & iphone related. Share a link, please.

/ Austin Stateman's SXSW 2008 page

/ SXSW Breakout App of 2008: What Will it Be?

/ FABLES: 1,001 NIGHTS OF SNOWFALL comes out in paperback this week.

/ Members of Arcade Fire performing "A Change Is Gonna Come" at a Barrack Obama Rally in Ohio

/ Going global with Mario Kart Wii

/ Super Smash Bros. Brawl  -  Opening Cinematic

/ Heroes Video Podcast Series

/ Lego Batman Trailer

/ Kirby: King of Comics!

/ JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER SPECIAL comes out tomorrow. JL: New Frontier (Dafna's review), Comics Worth Reading Review ( "There must be crazier things to do than trying to adapt a critically acclaimed — as well as beloved — 400+ page graphic novel into a 75-minute animated film, but I can’t think of any. But that’s exactly what has been done with  Justice League: The New Frontier.." )

/ Unitard Meditations/American Apparel

/ DC Comics is proud to present 30 Essential Graphic Novels

/ Dave McKean Graveyard Book cover sketches in - above, the one liked

/ Roy Orbison - She's a Mystery to Me

/ Elbow - Grounds For Divorce on Jonathan Ross

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