And I hate you as much as I miss you
Here is a song for the only one You're still looking for

/a Wednesday miscellany/

Oren Lavie contest - I have 5 copies of Oren's album 'The Opposite Side of The Sea' to give away. To do so I'm looking for photo suggestions to go with my favorite song from the album: "Don't Let Your Hair Grow Too Long".


A Postishead concert back in '98 was one of the craziest concerts I've been to. Nothing like a dozen girls screaming "Beth! Beth! Beth!" like their life depended on it, plus a few of them openly smoking crack right in front of the stage, to make a concert stick to your mind. 

+ Portishead "Machine Gun" Video
+ Portishead | Everything you need to know about Silence
+ Killing Without Color In Remastered Batman Comic - thanks Dafna.
+ Norah Jones is going to be on Letterman on April 2nd promoting "My Blueberry Nights"
+ Priscilla Ahn: Wallflower
+ Have you ever seen Snake Eyes without the mask?
+ This is for Martin who loves Kate Nash: RAGGED Issue #4 featuring Kate Nash
+ "Here's a conservative candidate I would support."
+ Duffy: "Mercy" Video
+ 'Batman: The Movie' Coming to Blu-ray
+ Three Writers are Drawn by the Allure of Comics - Thanks Adam.
+ Lightspeed Champion + Emmy the Great live @ sxsw
+ Remember Super Dodgeball on the NES? It's on the DS now.
+ Zune Arts
+ Tilly and the Wall - Beat Control
+ Lady Rizo & Nellie Mckay White Wedding
+ Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Preview
+ Battlestar Galactica-What I like about you



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