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If sex is the sermon made of art....

Here is a song for the only one You're still looking for


+ Great Northern - Our Bleeding Hearts

Great Northern @ Antone's, 3/26/08
According to the lead female singer, this was possibly their 12th time performing in Austin. I had to wonder if she was goofing around later on when she mispronounced the venue's name 3 times. The truth is that the crowd didn't seem to be in the mood for their precisely presented layered ( although sometimes the jams were a little too long ) indie pop music. The band worked hard, and Rachel Stolte's vocals are way better live that on the record, but it takes a lot to overcome an incredulous audience with a bad vibe. For those who wanted to appreciate it, their sound made the place seem bigger, darker and moody.
+ Great Northern live 11/03/07

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