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32 flavors and then some


I wanted to pick my 32 favorite posts but I couldn't do it. Here's 32 and then some....

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+ ani difranco: 32 flavors live
[ Previously....."one flavor short of 32" ]

2AM is my new Midnight


U2| Lemon

Midnight is where the day begins

Lightspeed Champion | Midnight Surprise

Warm nights and the chill
Creeping down my bones
Reminds me I'm alone

Willie Nelson | These Lonely Nights

I just lie awake and weep

The Cure | At Night

I sink in the night

Hawksley Workman | Kissing Girls (You Shouldn't Kiss)

The city sleeps but what time will lovers keep

Tom  Waits | Midnight Lullaby

Stare out at the moon upon the windowsill, and dream...

Elvis Costello | Upon a Veil of Midnight Blue

There hung a crescent moon
To light the view

Cyndi Lauper | I Drove All Night

When the night is cold and dark
No one can move me
The way that you do

Melody Gardot | Goodnite

Close your eyes and just sleep tight

Grant Lee Phillips | Last Night I Dreamed That Somebody Loved Me

Last night I felt
Real arms around me
No hope, no harm
Just another false alarm

Amanda Palmer | Have To Drive

I suffer mornings most of all

kill the butterfly

remembering that night. September's coming soon.

marta kochanek | last night

"The ones that work days in cities and the ones that work nights in cities, they live in different cities. The cities have the same name but they are different cities. As different as night and day. There's something wild in the country that only the night people know...."
Tennessee Williams

+ REM - NIGHTSWIMMING (Live/Italy/2008)

BATMAN, this and that


+ Prince: Batdance
+ How High Can ‘The Dark Knight’ Soar?
+ Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor review
+ The Dark Knight custom 360, yours for a mere $1200
+ First Details On The New Batman Game
+ Comic Review: All Star Batman and Robin, Vol. 1
+ Ledger drew inspiration from the work of Grant Morrison
+ Batman #663, "The Clown at Midnight"
+ Batman Fun Facts: Batman was thought up by Bob Kane while he was sitting on a bench in front of Edgar Allan Poe’s house


He knows her naked. I know her soul.


//Jason Mraz | If it Kills Me
Well how long, can I go on like this,
Wishing to kiss you

//Jessie Baylin | Was I On Your Mind
Just take my heart

//Uh Huh Her | Say So (Acoustic)
I just want to fix you

//Bright Eyes | Make a Plan to Love Me
But I just have to ask
Will you make a plan to love me?

//Heart | Alone
You don't know how long I have waited

//Russian Red | Timing is Crucial

//Explosions In The Sky | What Do You Go Home To?

Singstar + Leonard Cohen


Do you know how excited I was when I saw this in the singstar store?

+ "SingStar Vol.2" for PlayStation 3 - Ad
+ Song Meanings: Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat

The trouble with ["Famous Blue Raincoat"] is that I've forgotten the actual triangle. Whether it was my own . . . of course. I always felt that there was an invisible male seducing the woman I was with; now, whether this one was incarnate or merely imaginary I don't remember. I've always had the sense that either I've been that figure in relation to another couple or there'd been a figure like that in relation to my marriage. I don't quite remember (but I did have this feeling that there was always a third party, sometimes me, sometimes another man, sometimes another woman).
— "Interview," BBC Radio (1994)