Fall is the gaming season, here we go
the river is so blue today, so blue it calls for us to live

Dear Jane, I hope you feel better


I have other hopes. I legislate from the fortress of my disappointments, with a set jaw. Overthrow this even terror with a sweet remembrance: when I was with you, when my soul delighted you, when I was what you wanted. My heart sings of your longing for me, and my thoughts climb down to marvel at your mercy.
Leonard Cohen

Mix: Dear Jane


// Never Let Me Go

    Maybe I was dumb
    But what I forgot to say
    If you didn't know
    Is never let me go

[Minutes into Hours into Days]

// Hold Heart

    No Lips, don't make a sound
    Don't let him hear the break in your voice

// Can't Seem To Make You Mine

    Can't you see what you're doin' to me
    You fill my heart with misery

// I Lost Someone

    Someone that's the one
    That's the someone
    That's the someone that I lost   

//Common Reaction

    And you tell me everything is alright,
    you don't mind
    How can you feel when
    you're wounded like that dear?

[Sentiments are not Sestinas]

// The Lovers Are Losing

    But anyway you look at things and try
    The lovers are losing

// Words That We Couldn't Say

    Someday, maybe, we'll make it right
    Until that day
    Long endless nights
    We couldn't say them
    So now we just pray them

// Wurlitzer Prize (I Don't Want to Get Over You)

    I'm not here to forget you
    I'm here to recall the things we used to say and do


// Lion's Mane

    the shape we meant to make is gone

// Now You're Gone

    It's too late

// Timing is Crucial

    And I thought, that timing is crucial in the next step.


//Love Too Soon

Image Sources: Love's Gonna Get You Down by ~moss-koete, burning Love, a importancia by ~Hidden-target, segunda insuficiencia cardiaca by ~hauntedhome.

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