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As for you, now I know


I randomly ran into the unedited image I was going to use for a mix from this past January. I don't remember the source. I also don't remember which songs actually made it to the mix but found the source folder. It had too many songs, so I'm sure some didn't make the cut but since the old link doesn't work, I collected them all again.

If You're Wondering, Let Love Not Weigh Me Down //a mix



I have a pair of tickets to give away to the West Coast Premiere of Justice A Cross The Universe Directed by Romain Gavras, So-Me and Justice (Watch the Trailer). The premiere is tomorrow, Friday, October 31st. If you are interested, Email Me by 2:30pm est Today. Congrats to the Winner: Donald.  There's a live CD + DVD release coming out on December 9th.

Nike Sportswear at The Montalbán is proud to present the West Coast Premiere of A Cross The Universe
Friday, October 31, 2008
6pm: Opening reception with cocktails courtesy of Belvedere Vodka
7pm: Film Premiere introduced by Busy P and Justice
8pm: Busy P x Nike Air Force 1 Sneaker Launch

+ DJ Paul V. – Just D.A.N.C.E. [David Bowie vs. Justice vs. Lady Gaga]
+ Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Eli & Diplo Mix)
+ More Justice

Lonely Sunday Chronicles [3]

Dear [C],

Bar at the top of a hotel, notwithstanding, I’ve been serene in the face of intense conversations this week. 

In addition to downloading the already mentioned “Another Way To Die” for Guitar Hero when it comes out, next time you are here you’ll get to hear me belt out R.E.M.’s "Supernatural Superserious". Of the announced songs, the others I want are: Jimi Hendrix “If 6 Was 9” and Smashing Pumpkins “1979”.

Also upon your return, I’m going to make you watch the first episode of “Mad Men”.

Like I mentioned, The Backyard has closed. Damn shame. One of my favorite concerts there was the Tori Amos one we went to. Here’s the set list, for old time’s sake.

I got a game today that I think you would like, or at least you would watch me play and giggle at it while I played it. It’s called “Little Big Planet”.

My favorite song of the week: “Stop” by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals.

My favorite quote of the week: "There's just no denying it... I make a mean latte" – My graphic novel padwan Liz.

Lonely Sunday Chronicles [2]

Dear [C],


So there’s the complete stack of new arrivals that I couldn’t show you on ichat. In preparation for the Ghost World book to arrive I watched the movie again and was struck by all the product placement. For an indie movie, it sure had a lot. What the hell happened to Thora Birch anyways?

You may be wondering, what the hell is “SilverHawks”? You were like 2 years old when I was watching this cartoon. While not part of the holy trinity (G.I. Joe, He-Man, Thundercats) if I had to pick a fourth favorite, this show would be it. If I had to round up a fifth one it would be “M.A.S.K.” I had chihuahua named Dusty because of a character on M.A.S.K. In my opinion, The Silverhawks theme would make a wicked Guitar Hero track.  In fact, I would buy a a whole pack of the best of the 80's cartoon themes to play on Guitar Hero World Tour (out next weekend!). Speaking of 80's cartoons you don't remember, before 90210 was a though in Darren Star's head, there was a little something called Beverly Hills Teens.

I got the Kubrick book just for this chapter:


When I was 12 I was really intrigued by Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. I got the first book from the library but couldn’t stick to it. Little did I know that if I waited long enough it would become a series of comic books that I choose to wait and read when collected. My memory is such that I recall “Clear and Present Danger” being one of the books in the vicinity of the Dark Tower (whichever volume was out at the time) that peaked my interest. It was a large tome and there was no way I was going to even check it out. I had X-men and Spider-Man comics to read! It all worked out though, Harrison Ford movie and all. By the way these are all memories of the library near your brother’s house.

Today I watched the American Version of "My Sassy Girl". It had a small amount of charm but it just doesn't even start to compare with the original (mainly because there is only one Jeon Ji hyun, and I accept no substitues). Did I ever watch it with you? I don't think I was ever able to convince you into watching a Korean Romantic Comedy. I'm going to give you the American Version. Story wise it hit most of the right notes. This is funny: the Korean Trailer with the audio of the American trailer.

Last month, A&J sent me gifts that they had gotten me in Japan. One of them was these awesome banana wafer cookies. They were incredible. Big but super thin, with the Japanese cartoon they were about neatly represented on the wafer and delicious. I ate the whole can in a night, I could not help myself. Anyways, I saved one of the wrappers and put it in this collage: 


To continue the Japanese theme and since this album reminds me of my last trip to your town:

+ Coldplay "Lovers In Japan" Live At The BBC

Missing you Deeply,


Death and all her friends


Give me a good ending any time. You know where you are with an ending.
The Sandman: The Kindly Ones, Neil Gaiman

THE ABSOLUTE SANDMAN VOL. 4 comes out next month and concludes that whole thing (my second favorite story arc is included in this volume). At this point I'm more excited for The Compleat Death Deluxe Edition. I cherished the first printing hardcover of "The High Cost of Living" but such is life that I no longer have it. I never bought it again and it goes to show you that if you wait long enough...

"Gaiman's three-part series Death: The High Cost of Living was released by DC in February 1993, and was the single best-selling title for 'mature readers' ever, with the first issue alone selling over 300,000 copies."

The Sandman # 62

John Cale: Dying on The Vine/Live 

+ Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Death Is Not the End
+ Who Killed Dream of the Endless?
+ Neil Gaiman Weighs Possible ‘1602,’ ‘Dr. Strange’ Movies
+ Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book Video Tour
+ Neil Gaiman Writing ‘Batman’ As We Speak

A Macbook Named Alfred


A new laptop. The promise that I'll get some stuff done that I didn't with my last one. Or have more ichats of amusing results (I'm looking at you, East Coast girls). Or the beginning of a new age.

The first few apps I install

+ Twitterrific
+ Spore
+ Unison
+ Transmission
+ Pixelmator
+ Bento 2
+ Candybar

and a Batman sticker on the lid. Waiting anxiously for the Adobe CS4 stuff....

+ Velvet Underground - New Age [69 live version]
+ Tori Amos "New Age"/live @ San Antonio

historical amnesia

I posted this a few months back and it hit me the other day how relevant it has become.


"The economy, stupid,"

+ CNN | Thu November 8, 2007: Analysis: Could it be 'the economy, stupid' again?

"It's the economy, stupid" -- a phrase Clinton advisor James Carville made famous during President Clinton's successful 1992 presidential race. It's possible that the top issue in next year's election will not be Iraq or terrorism.

+ Cyndi Lauper - Money Changes Everything
+ GOOD Sheet: It’s the Economy, Stupid!
+ The Biggest Bestest OMG'est Election Blog Post of All Time

MMOs of unadaptable properties


Juan: I'm still waiting for a Twin Peaks MMO. I want to be Agent Cooper. and a Lynch MMO would be quite the electronic trip.

Dafna: ahahahah that needs to be a post dude, MMOs of unadaptable properties

Juan: Twin Peaks is one realm. The town from Blue Velvet another.

Dafna: Fresno MMO: You can be a pregnant teen or meth addict!

Juan: the Canadian whore house from Fire Walk With me would be like....the town everyone wants to go to...

Dafna: ahahah. I'm trying to think of other shows that are weird enough like Twin Peaks

Dafna: A 30Rock MMO? One quest would involve finding out the location of the sandwich place from the teamsters

Juan: YES!

Dafna: and the drunk effect on your character would be like WoW

Juan: and you get to walk by and see NPC's of NBC pages fighting

Dafna: except instead of Pink Elekks, it'd be Alec Baldwin channelling Jefferson

Juan: Score! .... and making it through the SNL studio would be like a raid "come on leeroy jenkins, we have to make it to Lorne Michael's office!"

Dafna: Conan O'Brien would be a boss level
you'd have to target his eyes, but his hair would be the largest surface area to hit, so you'd have to coordinate with your "pet," i.e. a hapless page

Juan: a tall red headed monster!

Dafna: (you'd buy them from Kenneth, he'd be the vendor) I WANT THIS GAME

// Angelo Badalamenti: Mysteries Of Love (Instrumental)
// Angelo Badalamenti: Theme from Twin Peaks
+ Barack Obama Advertising Inside Online Racing Video Games, Attempting To Pick Up Crucial Xbox 360 Vote


Lonely Sunday Chronicles [1]

Dear [C],

I’m writing these letters to document the space between now and the next time I will see you.

Today I watched the episode of “Skins” where Cassie goes to New York City. I watched it for the shots of NYC and because I love Cassie (R. said "she had you at the white Lolita glasses"). All those times you heard me say “I like them crazy”, well if you saw the whole series I could point to Cassie as an example of the right kind of crazy I was speaking of.

The updated wall since your last visit:


Most Sunday mornings I dearly miss brunch with A&J. Today I got a text from a. that she was going to have brunch with them. I was so envious.

I tried to play this Wii game called DeBlob and it literally made me absolutely nauseous. I've never gotten sick because of a video game. It was weird. I moved on to Rock Band 2 and when I got to Pearl Jam’s “Alive” I could not help but think of how much you would love play that.



In case you wondered where I stand in regards to Here, Her and Heart matters, here you go:

“Since there is always the likelihood that where you aren’t is more fun than where you are.”
- Jay McInerney

Can’t you see I’m losing it
Must I set up the scene

The Ghost of You Lingers, Spoon

“Please remember that this is a human condition”

+ Skins: Cassie in New York (Season 2 episode 9)
+ Skins- Behind the scene Cassie eposide New york filming
+ Series 2 - Episode 9 "Cassie" - Final Sequence with Alternative Song**
** Does anyone know the name of the song that plays at the end?)

Dear Jane, I hope you feel better


I have other hopes. I legislate from the fortress of my disappointments, with a set jaw. Overthrow this even terror with a sweet remembrance: when I was with you, when my soul delighted you, when I was what you wanted. My heart sings of your longing for me, and my thoughts climb down to marvel at your mercy.
Leonard Cohen

Mix: Dear Jane


// Never Let Me Go

    Maybe I was dumb
    But what I forgot to say
    If you didn't know
    Is never let me go

[Minutes into Hours into Days]

// Hold Heart

    No Lips, don't make a sound
    Don't let him hear the break in your voice

// Can't Seem To Make You Mine

    Can't you see what you're doin' to me
    You fill my heart with misery

// I Lost Someone

    Someone that's the one
    That's the someone
    That's the someone that I lost   

//Common Reaction

    And you tell me everything is alright,
    you don't mind
    How can you feel when
    you're wounded like that dear?

[Sentiments are not Sestinas]

// The Lovers Are Losing

    But anyway you look at things and try
    The lovers are losing

// Words That We Couldn't Say

    Someday, maybe, we'll make it right
    Until that day
    Long endless nights
    We couldn't say them
    So now we just pray them

// Wurlitzer Prize (I Don't Want to Get Over You)

    I'm not here to forget you
    I'm here to recall the things we used to say and do


// Lion's Mane

    the shape we meant to make is gone

// Now You're Gone

    It's too late

// Timing is Crucial

    And I thought, that timing is crucial in the next step.


//Love Too Soon

Image Sources: Love's Gonna Get You Down by ~moss-koete, burning Love, a importancia by ~Hidden-target, segunda insuficiencia cardiaca by ~hauntedhome.

Fall is the gaming season, here we go


+ Red Alert Trailer with Tim Curry and Tricia Helfer
+ Level-5 video roundup: Ni no Kuni Video
+ the New Prince of Persia Trailer uses Sia's Overused "Breathe"
+ Hell Yah, No More Heroes 2!
+ Street Fighter IV
+ Street Fighter For Dummies
+ Is Dead Space scary? Yes.
+ Kreating the Kollector's Kover: Alex Ross paints the cover
+ Shadow of the LittleBigColossus
+ Guitar Hero: World Tour - “R.E.M. Track Pack”

Rachael Yamagata Day: New album out at last


Well, this song did not make it to the new album but hopefully it will be a b-side or something?

Rachael Yamagata: Woman

+ NPR: Rachael Yamagata, Recorded Live In Concert
+ Rachael Yamagata tells why it's taken so long to put out her second album
+ Yamagata has best of both worlds on double album
+ Rachael Yamagata "Paper Doll" live Sept 08
+ Rachael Yamagata - Live @ The World Cafe [09-26-08]
+ Rachael Yamagata: Exclusive Video Performance At LiveDaily Sessions
+ An Interview with Rachael Yamagata

Go Panthers! Thank God Friday Night Lights is back.


Carmela and Tony
Jack and Kate
"Commander" Adama and "President" Roslin
Tami and Eric "Coach" Taylor

When the decade ends, those are the television couples that will matter to me. Friday Night Lights is a treasure. A classic. I know that at least once a year I will watch the DVD's. I love the characters, I love that its filmed in Austin, I love how it reminds me of Jr High and Texas' passion. Alas, I'm a realist. I'm prepared for this second anemic short season to be the last. I hope I'm wrong.

+ 'Friday Night Lights' Season 3 premiere: 'Have you ever seen two people engaged on a JumboTron?'

It's here where "Friday Night Lights" reveals its mission, the one that fans and the media have been preaching since Day One. All together now: This is not a show about football at all.

+ 'Friday Night Lights' is a slow-developing play
+ Spotlight on Austin
+ Season 3 Promo
+ Friday Night Lights - Devil Town Clip, Daniel Johnston - Devil Town, Bright Eyes - Devil Town.
+ Full Episodes

sources: 1, 2

Addicted to Drugs in a Criminal Sidedish Cage

from Apple Volume 2

+ Arcade Fire - My Body Is A Cage [Live At L'Olympia]
+ Ben Folds ft Regina Spektor "You don't Know Me" @ Conan O'Brien
+ Ray Lamontagne: One Lonesome Saddle, Meg White

@ Patrick Tsai via Professional Dreamer

[ Kaiser Chiefs: Addicted To Drugs, Oh My God/Live ]


+ Fiona Apple with Nickel Creek: Criminal , Fast As You Can, Limp, Waltz (Better Than Fine).
+ The Ronnie Mund Show / Ronnie calls Hotheaded Tough Guy

don't ask me why. by ~Moosiatko

+ Rachael Yamagata, 'Sidedish Friend'


+ 2 Candidates, 2 Comics
+ Politifact Truth-O-Meter
+ The Jed Report
+ While waiting for the debate to start, I was channel surfing and ran into this show on PBS: Docubloggers, #119 "Duty".

"Hardship makes the world obscure." 
- Don Delillo

source 1, 2

+ Fanmix: Nobody Has to Stay (Iron Man, Pepper/Rhodey)
+ All-Stars: How does the Miller/Lee Batman stack up to the Morrison/Quitely Superman?
+ 10 Questions with Neil Gaiman
+ Being a reading of the first chapter of Neil's new book:

+ BILLY THE KID: trailer
+ The Wachowskis: From "2001" to "The Godfather" to "The Matrix"
+ Wong Kar-wai’s Phoenix Project, Rising at Last
+ All dressed up and with no fake id to use. Poor gossip girls
+ Frag Doll Fridays: PAX 08