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Lonely Sunday Chronicles [2]

Dear [C],


So there’s the complete stack of new arrivals that I couldn’t show you on ichat. In preparation for the Ghost World book to arrive I watched the movie again and was struck by all the product placement. For an indie movie, it sure had a lot. What the hell happened to Thora Birch anyways?

You may be wondering, what the hell is “SilverHawks”? You were like 2 years old when I was watching this cartoon. While not part of the holy trinity (G.I. Joe, He-Man, Thundercats) if I had to pick a fourth favorite, this show would be it. If I had to round up a fifth one it would be “M.A.S.K.” I had chihuahua named Dusty because of a character on M.A.S.K. In my opinion, The Silverhawks theme would make a wicked Guitar Hero track.  In fact, I would buy a a whole pack of the best of the 80's cartoon themes to play on Guitar Hero World Tour (out next weekend!). Speaking of 80's cartoons you don't remember, before 90210 was a though in Darren Star's head, there was a little something called Beverly Hills Teens.

I got the Kubrick book just for this chapter:


When I was 12 I was really intrigued by Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. I got the first book from the library but couldn’t stick to it. Little did I know that if I waited long enough it would become a series of comic books that I choose to wait and read when collected. My memory is such that I recall “Clear and Present Danger” being one of the books in the vicinity of the Dark Tower (whichever volume was out at the time) that peaked my interest. It was a large tome and there was no way I was going to even check it out. I had X-men and Spider-Man comics to read! It all worked out though, Harrison Ford movie and all. By the way these are all memories of the library near your brother’s house.

Today I watched the American Version of "My Sassy Girl". It had a small amount of charm but it just doesn't even start to compare with the original (mainly because there is only one Jeon Ji hyun, and I accept no substitues). Did I ever watch it with you? I don't think I was ever able to convince you into watching a Korean Romantic Comedy. I'm going to give you the American Version. Story wise it hit most of the right notes. This is funny: the Korean Trailer with the audio of the American trailer.

Last month, A&J sent me gifts that they had gotten me in Japan. One of them was these awesome banana wafer cookies. They were incredible. Big but super thin, with the Japanese cartoon they were about neatly represented on the wafer and delicious. I ate the whole can in a night, I could not help myself. Anyways, I saved one of the wrappers and put it in this collage: 


To continue the Japanese theme and since this album reminds me of my last trip to your town:

+ Coldplay "Lovers In Japan" Live At The BBC

Missing you Deeply,


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