All the atoms in your lover
What more, what more can I say?

Lonely Sunday Chronicles [3]

Dear [C],

Bar at the top of a hotel, notwithstanding, I’ve been serene in the face of intense conversations this week. 

In addition to downloading the already mentioned “Another Way To Die” for Guitar Hero when it comes out, next time you are here you’ll get to hear me belt out R.E.M.’s "Supernatural Superserious". Of the announced songs, the others I want are: Jimi Hendrix “If 6 Was 9” and Smashing Pumpkins “1979”.

Also upon your return, I’m going to make you watch the first episode of “Mad Men”.

Like I mentioned, The Backyard has closed. Damn shame. One of my favorite concerts there was the Tori Amos one we went to. Here’s the set list, for old time’s sake.

I got a game today that I think you would like, or at least you would watch me play and giggle at it while I played it. It’s called “Little Big Planet”.

My favorite song of the week: “Stop” by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals.

My favorite quote of the week: "There's just no denying it... I make a mean latte" – My graphic novel padwan Liz.

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