the river is so blue today, so blue it calls for us to live
MMOs of unadaptable properties

Lonely Sunday Chronicles [1]

Dear [C],

I’m writing these letters to document the space between now and the next time I will see you.

Today I watched the episode of “Skins” where Cassie goes to New York City. I watched it for the shots of NYC and because I love Cassie (R. said "she had you at the white Lolita glasses"). All those times you heard me say “I like them crazy”, well if you saw the whole series I could point to Cassie as an example of the right kind of crazy I was speaking of.

The updated wall since your last visit:


Most Sunday mornings I dearly miss brunch with A&J. Today I got a text from a. that she was going to have brunch with them. I was so envious.

I tried to play this Wii game called DeBlob and it literally made me absolutely nauseous. I've never gotten sick because of a video game. It was weird. I moved on to Rock Band 2 and when I got to Pearl Jam’s “Alive” I could not help but think of how much you would love play that.



In case you wondered where I stand in regards to Here, Her and Heart matters, here you go:

“Since there is always the likelihood that where you aren’t is more fun than where you are.”
- Jay McInerney

Can’t you see I’m losing it
Must I set up the scene

The Ghost of You Lingers, Spoon

“Please remember that this is a human condition”

+ Skins: Cassie in New York (Season 2 episode 9)
+ Skins- Behind the scene Cassie eposide New york filming
+ Series 2 - Episode 9 "Cassie" - Final Sequence with Alternative Song**
** Does anyone know the name of the song that plays at the end?)

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