Thursday Night is good for Fighting and Miscellanies
melt his heart with a new flamethrower

I see Blu, I see Red, Double Dipping, Triple Dipping


+ Donnie Darko Awakens on Blu-ray on February 10th
+ Echo and the Bunnymen - Killing Moon/live

My eyes are snobbish and the last time I watched DD on DVD with some friends it looked like a bootleg. You can only imagine my intense enthusiasm for this release. On the other hand, Damn It, really? I have to buy this again? Not until it hits Blu-Ray Universal, with your U-control bullshit menus and all. Ready to buy again: The Bourne Trilogy. Obviously I have not gotten the memo about some sort of recession going on.

+ "Make sure you're close to your PlayStation 3 this weekend, and think of a different question than "Here's my 10 suggestions on how to make The Hobbit totally awesome"

Unrelated: I love Heat Tech

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