Last Day
If you stay with that asshole he's gonna do you harm

So do what you must do to find yourself, Sleep, don't weep


+ Damien Rice/Sleep Don't Weep/Live

It was one of the beautiful girls who woke me up. Mind you, she didn't really wake me up. In fact, for more than a week, sleep has been my mortal enemy. Alas, if it wasn't for her I don't know how long I would have remained dormant. How long was I doomed to remain restless is a question I don't have to wonder about anymore because somewhere between hanging a Danish Lolita poster, the silly pajama dances, the cat toy, the love letters, the French, the unanswered questions and a stab at literary analysis, I smiled. That was the first signal that I was really awake again. Now I'm just waiting to sleep.

This is what it's like to study without a friend.
Leonard Cohen, Book of Mercy

p.s. Chers Vous, je vous remercie de mettre un sourire sur mon visage.

+ Tori Amos/Thank You/live
+ Morrissey/I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris/live
+ Diana Krall/A Case of You/live
Nick Cave and the bad seeds/Love letter

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