Fire on your Frakking Eulogy
south by southwest + Kanye West

south by southwest [day 2] sxsw + TORI AMOS

Videos are converting at Vimeo. Of course the one song I decided not to record ended up being the must fun/funny new one, "Mary Jane". in the meantime:

[mp3] Tori Amos @ SXSW 2009 - Intro by Perez Hilton, First Song and half of second song, both new.

+ Tori Amos South by Southwest 2009 "Crucify"

+ "Take to the Sky"

Tori Amos South By Southwest 2009 Austin Texas from Mr. Luna on Vimeo.

More coming soon.............

+" Even More New Muzik From Tori!!!!"

hmmm....long day....I went to the Pop Candy Meet Up and was briefly interviewed by Whitney b/c I was there really early and it was being streamed online.

+ Amanda Palmer - Covering Radiohead's Creep on Ukelele - SXSW 09

+ Exclusive First Listen: Leonard Cohen

In other news: Resident Evil 5 is bigger than U2 - but why?


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