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the preemptive [SXSW] post


First and foremost, some shout outs to people I'll see, seen in the past, will miss, will meet at South by Southwest this year: Dr. Gonzo is to Hunter S. Thompson, as Dr. Brown will be to my John Moon. He will be my conspirator in sxsw adventures. Penny I'll miss seeing you. I'll Probably run into Frank, Hi Jesse! et al.

Other than Tony and Jill, who else reading this is coming to Austin for SXSW? Dr. Brown wants to have a house party at my fortress of solitude ( a.k.a My Apartment). Me thinks a meet up downtown somewhere sometime would be best.

Places of interest
[ ] achtungbabyblog the Twitter /when out and about and bored in lines to get into venues I'll update.
[ ] My work in progress Sched

[ ] Who knows anything about getting invited to that god dammed Red Bull party?
[ ] Who's excited to hear some new Tori Amos live! ! ! between her, Amanda Palmer and Nellie McKay, I'm having a Piano Chicks trifecta over here. I would love to talk to Nellie again.
[ ]

MSTRKRFT: "Click Click" feat E-40
+ MSTRKRFT - Bounce feat. N.O.R.E & Isis
+ Hot Freaks
+ South by Girls
+ Village Voice
+ KEXP Live in Austin
+ sxswvideos
+ You Tube SXSW Music Channel
Last.fm SXSW Band Aid
+ Austin Chronicle Coverage

The ever expanding Bands of Interest..................

+ Bosque Brown
+ Great Northern's E-Card
+ N.A.S.A.
+ Melissa Auf Der Maur
+ Von Bondies


+ ultra8201
+ Austin is Burning
+ pepsicozeitgeist

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