Friday Night Lights Virgins
love, he called it

sunday singularities: a miscellany

+If You Are Going to Protest Do it Right
+Aerosmith: Pink/live
+Norwegian Recycling - Viva La Viral
+14 TV Shows We Want Back
+The Brady Bunch - Major Lazer Bunch
+Meeting The Queen - Russell Brand
+Previously On Lost
+Batman's got game
+"Headlock" by Esser
+Josh Reichmann Oracle Band Bat For Lashes cover 
+Bat for Lashes - Daniel/live on letterman
+“Lake Of Silver Bells” by Carbon Leaf
+Del Marquis "Litter To Society" (Lifelike Remix)
+untouchable face / riki rocket remix
+Au Revoir Simone Live at Webster Hall
+Chairlift Live at Music Hall of Williamsburg - Bruises
+GORILLAZ: Bananaz
+The Official Punch-Out!! Thread of Reliving Our Childhoods
+Spielberg takes Boom Blox to a whole new level 
+Hitler reacts to new Star Trek movie

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