the landscapes of our pain
U2's claw comes out to play



Laid Off Chronicles: two days short of 3 months.I was restless and could not sleep after watching a mostly unfunny "Weeds". Seriously, just pretend it ended with Season 3 if you've never watched the show. I watch out of habit. Anyway, I popped two Ambiens and the next thing I know its 1:30am and I'm running all over the sprinkler system at my apartment complex drinking Coca-Cola out of a plastic flask. It was so refreshing. Alas, the time between when I was taking pictures and I woke up in my bed this morning is missing. Finally, full on Scheduled Amnesia. Lost in the haze was a post about "Nocturnal Nymphets". Maybe it will come to me the next time this happens.
Radiohead Life in a Glass House/live from the album Amnesiac.
Well of course I'd like to sit around and chat
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