I missed her terribly
a new dymanic duo

I'm sleeping in a submarine


Laid Off Chronicles: end-of-month-2. Accomplishments: A vacation away from Texas. Spending precious time with my bff and her roomates. Before my trip I'd just watched "The Hunt For Red October" and remembered how much I liked it. So you can imagine the glee in my eyes when I saw a submarine park next to the highway on our way out of Portsmouth. This is a bookmark for myself and my friends of random things I remember from the trip: Santarpios, the "Don't Stop Believing" sing-a-long, Nat 2.0 picture finally made a reality, regressing to mall rat mode, Orange Julius, "UP", The impromptu random funny parts from movies we like festival! (Two of the submissions came from Hot Rod: "Babe" + "Dance" ). That one girl who said "So do you want to be in a Rachel sandwhich?. Hotdogs. "I Know What I like!". Beating Rachel at Scrabble and Uno on my iphone during our car ride. Score!

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