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six years

a sci-fi trifecta


You couldn't ask for a better Blu-Ray Sci-fi release week than this past Tuesday. First, The Holy Grail: Battlestar Galactica The Complete Series. I don't even need to get into the greatness of BSG. Time magazine has praised it. Those fuckers at the emmys and the golden globes have ignored it. I love the Green Lanter comics and was eagerly awaiting the cartoon and it did not dissapoint. The real suprise was how bad ass Alias actor Victor Garber was as Sinestro. Perfect casting. I wish he could play him the upcoming movie. And last but not least is Dollhouse, a show that I was not into at first but finally started liking midway through the season and it payed off ( as in, I'm glad it got a second season, it would have been dissapointing for it not to).

+ I LOVE THIS VIDEO SO MUCH b/c of the Katee cameo: Battlestar Galactica Concert: Bear McCreary with Katee Sackhoff "All Along The Watchtower" Live 6-13-2009 , her apperance at the concert is an attempt to recreate a scene from the episode "Someone to Watch Over Me"
Green Lantern: First Flight Trailer
3 Ways The Dollhouse DVD Box Set Can Reprogram Your Brain
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