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I could write a book about You

Loneliness leads to Logic

There was a day last week were I could not get a hold of anybody. At all. I go to the bookstore for solace during such instances. Down the street from it resides the Apple store. I went in just to look around with no particular goal at all. Like a magnet I was drawn in to a machine that was set up with a little keyboard. This demo mac had every software imaginable so I clicked on Logic Studio and it opened up to a Killers song. I was mesmerized by the fact you could peak behind the curtain sort of speak and see the architecture of the song. After reading the Logic page on Apple's website, I saw that they also had a Santigold remix song you could open in the program (see below). So, off I went and on impulse I bought an M-Audio Keystation 61es. Mind you, I don't know how to play anything. I need a nice patient piano chick to teach me "Poses", "Honey" and "I Know".
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