17/maybe be could be friends

18/the undocumented life of a man without a serial number [3]

By the girl who tamed the tiger444

Realities I chose to ignore: alone it is. I have no resolutions, it was a very difficult year. With the precision of a nuclear bomb I shall enjoy the night. Swans and Women are difficult. I knew every crease in her voice. I can hear her now saying "Is this fucking charming or a charming fuck ?" We had a war against dusk.

At night I randomly open the dictionary. It is on a desk by my window. I move the curtain so that there is some room for the morning’s sunlight to fall upon it. I wake up and look at the first word I see illuminated. Today it was Hope. I feel like I have access to the divine this way. Tonight might pass faster and I could dream of bikinis and bullets.

I woke up and the word 'Alone' was embedded in every strand of hair on me. I decided to live life like a movie, as Andy Warhol suggested. My mind and my body are still working on the budget.

Art as religion is the thesis I tried to live as a juvenile. I want to be caught in an epidemic of creativity. My body oozes text. It spells disconnection. I demand to break Anxiety. Nothing left but to stop and direct my life away from Love and panic.

by the girl who tamed the tiger
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