6/the games of my January

7/The undocumented life of a man without a serial number [1]



Impudent Danger Girl came without an instruction book. There was no manual on how to keep things exciting with her. She expected me to be a damn psychic. Without Communication, there was no saving me. We were not inside intensity.

Impudent Danger Girl was the one to make me crawl out of my miserable world. It's the things I have yet to learn that made me a man in her eyes. For some reason I listened to her. She would say things like “At this time of the night Colors have no meaning. Let's go corrupt a painting!” I followed. If she manifested the slightest interest in the future, it meant that there was such a thing.  

Impudent Danger Girl's verdict: We were Symbiotic. The end was written on the wall in Ani Difranco lyrics. Her autopsy of us did not reveal each other's name tattooed outside our hearts like I predicted. She grew tired because I would not give up the ghost of this relationship. At a moment's notice I could be possessed and taken back to us making love to Massive Attack's "Angel". God Bless having been in love with an atheist.

Impudent Danger Girl owned my intimacy. I was endlessly annoyed when she left me. She forced me to go out and about, searching for a strange little girl. I do not know what it feels like not to want to sleep with someone I've already slept with. The road to those feelings interrupts my sequential talent. Long lasting fury is one hell of a feeling to erase.

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