10/Quotes Vol.1


Well I only got two emails with questions so I'll answer those.

Tash H: "
what is love?"

That's quite the loaded question. I can't answer it. Baby don't hurt me.

Jeffrey Mc: 1.what is your favorite song of 2009, or better yet the decade

2009: Neko Case - This Tornado Loves You.
The decade: Joseph Arthur - Honey and The Moon

2. why did you start achtung baby? i check it almost every day, but why?!

To share my obsessions with my friends. To tell stories via music, motifs, photography. As a beacon to find like minded people. Just my luck that a large portion of the readers are shy or something. Alas, longtime friendships have been established because of the blog as well.

3. most curiously, what do you do for a living; in so much as what is your "career"?

Being that I am unemployed ( yes, I'm a statistic ) I can get away with this simple answer. As you can tell I like keeping some things private.

4. have you thought about moving to new york?

Every Fucking Day since 2007 when I sort of lived there for half the year due to work. My mum was born in New York so I feel like my life is pilgrimage there. 

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