Movies seen in the first 15
It’s just difficult to find them

I've wanted to be a Samurai since I was 5

I think I'm about to embark on a long brewing anime kick of old favorites.

+ Samurai Champloo: Jin Vs. Mugen Fight
"Are you one of those so called Bad Asses?" ]

+ Samurai 7: Shimada Kambei versus Kyūzō
"I'm in love...I'm in love with your skills, that is." ]

+ Tekkon Kinkreet: Intro with English Subtitles
"C'mon, White. It's playtime." ]

I like Anime but holy #@$# people like this scare me. These people are adults, right?

Samurai Champloo has a wicked soundtrack. Example: "The Million way of Drum"

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