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my February games

a homage to Technostraddle and Taylor's Prowess

Being an homage to Technostraddle


Buy a game, support an anti-gay marriage author?
"Ash struggles with an artist's homophobia while considering the purchase of Shadow Complex."

Old Man struggles against Steve Jobs distortion field.
Steve Jobs is Pissed You Question Him!

My main use of the Ipad is going to be reading comic books.
Comic Industry Instant Responses To Apple’s iPad ("I want Steve Jobs to be my iDad")

Obama cares about the Ipad
Video: Funny Mashup of State of Union and iPad Intro

Let Mass Effect take more of your time
First issue of Mass Effect iPhone comic free on launch day

BioShock's release is around the corner
BioShock 2 Characters And Abilities Preview

Hot Chick + Ipod Nano
“Mac Chick of the Month”

Grand Theft Italy Awaits You
Assassin's Creed 2 for $39.99. Fucking Buy It.

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