You, the only sense the world has ever made
And we're sad because we think we don't belong here

You will never get away from the sound of the woman who loves you



+ Eisley - Trolleywood: SXSW - The purpose of SXSW is to let the industry know what we're doing, stir the pot, showcase live music, let key people hear tracks, see what the interest level is... either find a label we really believe in or release this ourselves. It's really that simple. I could have written a book. Be glad I didn't. Please come if you can. You can get in line, pay - without a badge. We're stoked over this line-up. Kashmir is one of our favorite bands. Our SXSW contact set this up because she knew this. Also, the Rocketboys are good friends. They're great. I've heard great things about Barcelona.

+ Silver Spring Video
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