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we are women's content


I think our content is women and we are women's content. I know that my mind, my emotions are involved with a woman. Sometimes when I'm feeling strong, which is rare, I can get beyond that concern. But most of the time, what I care most about is whether or not I'm being welcomed by her and I think a lot of the time she worries about whether she is being welcomed by me. So we are each other's content and we exist in that condition, which goes all the way from grave discomfort to absolute peace and everything in between. That seems to be what the activity between a man and a woman is.

 Leonard Cohen On "What the activity between a man and a woman is" 

Batman knew what it was like to trip balls


“Indeed, his [Batman's] career had barely begun before he was heroically inhaling countless bizarre chemical concoctions cooked up by mad black-market alchemists. Superman might have faced a few psychic attacks, but, even if it was against his will every time, Batman was hip to serious mind-bending drugs. Batman knew what it was like to trip balls without seriously losing his shit, and that savoir faire added another layer to his outlaw sexiness and alluring aura of decadence and wealth.”  
Grant Morrison, Supergods 

+ 10 secrest of a perferct superhero

and every word i speak it counts against me anyhow

Theykiss inbed

Leonard Cohen: A thousand kisses deep (recitation) ]

i know you had to lie to me
i know you had to cheat
to pose all hot and high
behind the vails of cheer deceit
our perfect porn aristocrate
so ellegant and cheap
i'm old but i'm still into that
a thousand kisses deep

i'm good at love
i'm good at hate
it's inbetween i freeze
than work it out-but it's to late
it's been to late for years
but you look good you really do
they'll love you on the street
a snowflake must have died for you
a thousand kisses deep

Theykiss underwater