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do inform my loneliness


Put her somewhere

    leaning against a wall

naked on your bed

    dressed up for the ball

Put some thoughts

    in her head

Put some money

    in her hand

Be sure that you can make her come

    at least a second time

Brother, that's your girl

and speak together of the coming age
when you will put on woman's flesh
and let your beauty once again engage
the courage of a heart to start a fresh

do inform my loneliness with moments
of the coming unity, do confess
your body to my utter ignorance
and rest the dreamer from his dreamlessness
Leoard Cohen

+ Morrissey: Please help the cause against the loneliness

good is whatever gives you pleasure


Hedonism is the doctrine which holds that the good is whatever gives you pleasure and, therefore, pleasure is the standard of morality. Objectivism holds that the good must be defined by a rational standard of value, that pleasure is not a first cause, but only a consequence, that only the pleasure which proceeds from a rational value judgment can be regarded as moral, that pleasure, as such, is not a guide to action nor a standard of morality.

Ayn Rand, Playboy Interview, March 1964