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[concentration: a miscellany]

+ NPR: The Kills in Concert 2012

Today may be one of those [10 posts]1 kinda of day. Holy (synthetically induced) multitasking, if you could only see how many browsers and tabs I have open among my two monitors. Maybe I'll take a picture of my desk later, although I'm not prone to mess with your ( the reader ) perception2 of how I am on the other end of the screen.

I was a huge fan of this game when I was kid. Leave it to Nintendo to continue mining nostalgia

+ fucking awesome remix alert: Santigold – Disparate Youth (The 2 Bears Remix)
Who Knew Mass Effect 3 Was So Well-Suited To Rap?Preview: League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century

P.S. happy [Angry Birds Space] + [Hunger Games] @midnite day. How about some [Jennifer] for the Hell of it

Screen Shot 2012-03-22 at 11.51.39 AM

1 Where does my love for [brackets] come from? I can't quite place it, but I think around Radiohead's The Bends era I saw their name written as "[r]adiohead" and have loved brackets ever since. in the early days of this blog i used them more often.

2 Speaking of people's perception of me, I seem to have someone "creeping" on me. either that or they just got [really] luck when they asked a question. I wish I knew who they were. I don't mind a creeper, what do I care. ( Mind you, the only people I've ever seen use "Creeping"/"Creeper" were borin in the 90's )

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