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poetics & idiosyncratic coinages

Lolita by Marina Kozinaki

Hartman's analysis also applies on the level of Lolita's poetics, especially when the realities of death, aging, and ends creep into Humbert's narrative. Having just introduced his mother into the background of his childhood in the French Riviera, Humbert dismisses her summarily, recounting her sudden death with one abrupt gesture: "picnic, lightning" (10). She becomes the paradigm for the women in his life, all of whom enter the story in the shadow of their eventual deaths. Humbert's penchant for hapax logomena and idiosyncratic coinages parallel in language the foreshortened life of Lolita: despite their ostensible vibrancy, they are dying phrases, obsolete just after their initial utterance. A master of so many poetic devices, Humbert riddles the narrative with instances of tmesis, the figure Hartman identifies as the epitome of poetry's elided middles and over specified ends (344). From his evocation of "the Old and rotting World" (85) he left behind, to his self-characterization as "an enchanted and very tight hunter" (268), Humbert repeatedly pries apart common phrases to insert the world outside his solipsism. But unlike the classical model where necessity is parted for the sake of art, the order is reversed in Humbert's fantasy world: tmesis allows ends to rush back in. Images that traditionally evoke nostalgia become symptomatic of inevitable decay.
Lolita's Loose Ends: Nabokov and the Boundless Novel - Vladimir Nabokov by James Tweedie

 lolita by Marina Kozinaki via fuckyeahnymphets 

My Winning Team.SFxT


These Tekken characters have ended up being my winning team in Street Fighter X Tekken. I'm surprised that I ended up with No Street Fighters as my mains. Once in a while I change Steve for Rolento. and a huge FUCK OFF to the players that only use Ken and/or Ryu, you're lame. People hate it when I do This to them:

a certain modern cartoonist


The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist

My Great Art Book Acquisitions of 2012 continues with the arrival of this book. If you're a fan of Scarlett Johansson1 or Thora Birch2 you may have seen Ghost World (2001). If you don't know, it is based on a comic by the Brilliant [DANEIL CLOWES].

1 I wonder how many Posts with Scarlett Johanson I have. I wish I had created a category for her way back when.

2 Seriously, What In The Actual Fuck happened to this girl's career? 

[concentration: a miscellany]

+ NPR: The Kills in Concert 2012

Today may be one of those [10 posts]1 kinda of day. Holy (synthetically induced) multitasking, if you could only see how many browsers and tabs I have open among my two monitors. Maybe I'll take a picture of my desk later, although I'm not prone to mess with your ( the reader ) perception2 of how I am on the other end of the screen.

I was a huge fan of this game when I was kid. Leave it to Nintendo to continue mining nostalgia

+ fucking awesome remix alert: Santigold – Disparate Youth (The 2 Bears Remix)
Who Knew Mass Effect 3 Was So Well-Suited To Rap?Preview: League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century

P.S. happy [Angry Birds Space] + [Hunger Games] @midnite day. How about some [Jennifer] for the Hell of it

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1 Where does my love for [brackets] come from? I can't quite place it, but I think around Radiohead's The Bends era I saw their name written as "[r]adiohead" and have loved brackets ever since. in the early days of this blog i used them more often.

2 Speaking of people's perception of me, I seem to have someone "creeping" on me. either that or they just got [really] luck when they asked a question. I wish I knew who they were. I don't mind a creeper, what do I care. ( Mind you, the only people I've ever seen use "Creeping"/"Creeper" were borin in the 90's )