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I don't wanna talk about

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I'm having a relationship with an album. It feels like an archaic thing from the last century. When was the last time I even bought an album anyways? But tonight I just sat meditating at the center of my living room, the best place to feel the surround sound of this new system I set up at my new place. I sat here trying to forget how deeply disappointing people can be. Anyway, I think this is the second time I've ever listening to a CD on my PS3 and had no idea that it was goinna play it in sorround sound and it's fucking awesome.

monotonous & unfocussed


Instead, there was a new distraction:
something in my memory flashing,
as if unfocussed, and then clearer,
only to vanish once again.
Then I became abruptly bored
by work with needle and with screw,
observing the shimmer in the pattern,
of monotonous infusoria,
unravelling the bowels of a grass snake.
No longer did the lab seem heaven;
I started to imagine how, at the vicar’s,
she and I would meet once more.

The University Poem, Vladimir Nabokov

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