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in appreciation of PSN


That's my PS3 up there, with Amy Pond as the wallpaper and the new gorgeous and fantastic youtube app installed. I want to praise the PlayStationNetwork for the value it provides b/c it is shaming the hell out xbox live right now. I decided to give it a try for 3 months and so far SONY has put up so many quality games for free up for PSN Plus members that I can't even keep up! And lets not forget that SOUNDSHAPES is the bomb. I can't wait to show it to my best friend and have her play with it hands on.

a younger white queen


On this picture Elle reminds me of a young Emma Frost. If X-men: First Class had been kept completely young all around , she would of been a great White Queen. In the begining of Ultimate X-men, Profesor X was aged 24, which was a good age to give him in relation to him being in Love with Jean aged around 17. Anyways, in that series Emma was his ex-girlfriend which I found interesting.


Wednesday Panels.The muggers..they made a mistake


From Before Watchmen: Rorscach #1. The writer for this series is hit and miss with me. Loved his series "100 Bullets" (why it hasn't been made into a show on HBO is beyond me), hated his work on Superman a few years back.  My issues with it: Rorscach's voice over writings are typed instead of handwritten. eh, he's homeless ok, where and when does he have time to sit down and type this shit? such a lame oversight. Also he gets a batman type of villan to deal with. YAWN.