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For years Holidays have not been pleasant for me. I can't even recall the last good Thanksgiving I had. I've been numbing the pain but alas, I woke up fucking grumpy today because in a few days I'll be going through withdrawal and it's a pain in the ass. These seem like ways to preoccupy my mind in one manner or another, away from my catastrophic life. Regardless, I'm in a pissed off mood1 and these are the random things that have irritated me today: (a) assholes who use Twitter like a public Instant Messaging Client and clog up a time line with their ridiculous back and forth chit chat (b) Gamefly did not deliver Playstation All-Stars ( or Persona 4 Golden) in the mail and I'm looking forwards to playing as Big Daddy in the game (c) the fact that "tv show recap writing" is a job is ridiculous (d) I'm only one season from being up to date on Sons of Anarchy and I've gotten used to marathon watching and real time digestion of the show is going to suck (e) Marvel comics decided to fuck up the Spider-Man comics with such a bullshit storyline that if I described it you may vomit on your keyboard (f) there is a person with a flamboyant lisp in one of the podcasts I listen to - so fucking annoying (g) I had some Canadian Whisky and it gave me a g-d damn headache. 

1 I almost wrote "Pissy" moody but I had an ex that would say that word and for some reason it drove me nuts when she did. I recall saying to her once: "Please don't refer to me with any words that end with the letter y". 

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