"He idolized it all out of proportion..."
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likes and dislikes: a miscellany

[ things I've liked/liked about this week ]

>Best Text Message I got this week: "hey, doing laundry in the nude."

>I got early access to the Overrun mode of Gears of Wars: Judgement. It kicks ass and it helps me relax.
>Oh dearest Skyrim, the game that keeps on giving.

>A New Bioshock trailer came out, also I LOVED the Kick Ass 2 trailer. I just HOPE TO GOD that they tone down some of the horrible and unecesarry violence towards females from the comic book.  

>My Muse sent me this. We can't wait for Game of Thrones to start already! 

I think women are definitely the underdogs in Game of Thrones. Men don’t appreciate how women are very intelligent in this world and they do all their fighting silently and with words and they’re actually very good manipulators. The men underestimate them and that’s what makes the women underdogs but they’re very good at it. Men just don’t realise that they actually do have competition.
Sophie Turner – Sansa Stark


[ dislikes ]


<This fucking poser. Taylor Swift only wishes some Humbert Humbert would get ahold of her and set her straight. I don't know, it infuriated me seeing her with the Lolita glasses.

<I have an intensely high HATE for the HBO show "GIRLS". Alas, I hate watch it. My Muse and I like talking about it. Last weekend's episode was it for me: I don't find it funny or entertaining to watch these mentally ill assholes. FUCKING HATE IT. I RAGE.

<Giving up achtungbaby.org which I've had since 2000. Alas, at this point in time I can't keep up with the cost so I'm letting it go which means juan@achtungbaby.org is going to stop working and you need to use [[[ achtung.baby@outlook.com ]]] to reach me. Emails I ignore: Any music submissions and promotions stuff - I don't care about new music anymore. Things I read/want: actual feedback and letters about this blog. One nitpicky thing that's going to happen is that a lot of old posts are not going to have album art b/c I kept most of those images on ab.org. 

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