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The progressive intensity of my social anxiety and the fact that I don't give a fuck about new music means I don't care about South By Southwest but alas, it is UNAVOIDABLE on Twitter. Thus I ran into this:

+ "Usher joined The Afghan Whigs onstage at the Fader Fort last night atSXSW two minutes into a cover of “Climax”

I have a strong belief that Rock music would benefit from cool colaborations as this. Also, I dream of a Tori Amos duet album and of a Michael Stipe duet with U2 as a band in one of their albums. To combine those two sort of, I also dream of one day fucking hearing the Tori/Stipe duet. I'm going to harras them on twitter until I get an answer.

+ Neil was at SXSW [1] [2]  
+ The new adaptation of "NEVERWHERE" has started 
+ Neil reading from his new book

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