a {preamble} made up of girls
sometimes a girl can be an amazing stimulant

being nonsense from an insignificant reclusive blogger


Dear You,

My fight with Anhedonia rages on. I win skirmishes but it wins battles. I keep waiting for a reversal, for my brain to give itself completely to the pleasure principle. 

It gets harder and harder to engage my mind in inspiration. The future of my blog is quite uncertain. Trying to make it to 10 years.

My Muse owes me a picture of her in a My Little Pony onesie. This will make me laugh and cheer me up. Anyone who has the ability to cheer me up is utterly important. Be glad she exist since this blog would have died last year if it wasn't for her.

Random Facts
- Turn On: Tartan Skirts
- Turn On: Lip biting
- Turn Off: Any chick over 21 with a Tumblr.   
- Turn Off: A Narcissisitic woman who is also a snob about any subject ( but Especially Books & Music )
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