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I have wasted my life


“By being too sensitive I have wasted my life.”
— Arthur Rimbaud

There are days I want to open up and spill my guts.
There’s static in my inner voice. 
If you ask me "How are you?"
I'd say "I'm not sure if I can't breathe
or if I don't want to breathe".
Choked by memories
Tortured by Anhedonia
Paralyzed by Failure
Flirting with  Nihilism
Estranged from Melomania
Lacking Romantic Endeavours
Inside a complete lack of motivation and dicipline
I'm too old to de-fragment myself. It's too late to rebuild, to Push the button and restart.

"Remembrance, like Rembrandt, is dark but festive." 
— Vladimir Nabokov

80's Cartoon Love

Where Visionaries’ key gimmick comes in is by pure co-incidence where the toys’ key gimmick also comes in – our knights have a totem, both spiritual in the sense of some sort of mystical creature from which they draw their power, and literal in the sense of massive staff thing with a picture of said critter.

Reciting a verse allows them to deploy their signature power – or in the case of the toy, reciting the verse allows their hologram of the totem critter to continue to be a hologram, and your parents to think you’ve joined some sort of cult. In the case of the aforementioned, Leoric summons his lion totem to grant him wisdom (this being the Eighties, that wisdom comes down to knowing when to share or not to do drugs) by striking a legs-akimbo hero pose, holding his staff skyward and barking “Whispered secrets of a shattered age, I summon you: renew this sage!”