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A Gaming Journal.two


I'm on a Halo 5 kick, playing it daily. On my way to beating Rise of the Tomb Raider. I like that game so much I went ahead and got this DLC:

I don't fucking like The Division and the obscene amount of schilling for it in various gaming sites I was following on twitter made me unfollow them. I'm looking at you VG247. The Street Fighter 5 beta has been pretty good, HYPED for the game's release next month. 


My Bowie Drawing 1997
A drawing I did of Bowie circa 1997. One of the few drawings I've always been happy about. A few personal favorites: Everyone Says Hi.live // Something In The Air // Bring Me the Disco King.live // Natalie Merchant's Space Oddity

+ Bowie as Warhol via GF
+ David Bowie art by Yoshitaka Amano

A Gaming Journal.one

Game journal week 1
I wish I had a kept a gaming journal during all 12 years of this blog's existence but better late than never. I'm going to try it this year. I'm going through a bit of an ADD period with games. I have a huge backlog from the massive amount of releases last fall. And then even older titles than that showing up in the rotation.


  • Playing with my Destiny Waifu Sara using the really neat Refer A Friend feature in Destiny. Shout out to Jafku, the MVP of our Fireteam, who got the Platinum Trophy for the game.  
  • Playing U2 songs in Rock Band 4.
  • Finally being amazed by Super Mario Maker. Nintedo better wise up and give us a Zelda and Metroid maker in the future.

Check out Sara's awesome Legend of Zelda tattoo:

IMG_1676Lowlights: I tried going back to Dark Souls 2 in anticipation of this year's new one and I was completely fucking lost. I'm a little discouraged.

WTF Moment: Getting a trophy in Divinity for picking up some panties

Near my work desk I have a Mario amiibo with Tatooine from Star Wars as the background

Video Game related acquisition: Assassin's Creed: The Complete Visual History

Video Game Links Miscellany 

+ Show of the Week: Lego Avengers: Jane's shirt tho
+ Top 10 Years in Gaming: My vote is 2007
+ Fan's animated Bloodborne comic is perfect
+ Assassin's Creed Syndicate is a beautiful video game

2016 + Video Game anticipation

DS3 Box

Dark Souls 3 is my most anticipated game 2016. 

Gears of War 4

Uncharted 4
The Legend of Zelda.WiiU
No Man's Sky
Street Fighter 5
Dishonored 2
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Valkyria Chronicles Remaster

And that's what my list would look like if I had to pick 10.

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