ACL Fest 08 /day3


Lady sitting next to me: "ACL is too much of an endurance test".

And the prize for whiniest band goes to.......THE KILLS. The heat was killing them, and apparently they've never done a daytime show, so "Hotel" wanted to give out the number to their agent so we would call between the hours of 2am and 4am and ask him why the fuck they were playing during the daytime. Last words of their set: "Stay Out Of The Sun".  One twitter message from the local paper said something along the lines of "I wonder what it would take for the Kills not to wear black. maybe 94 degrees would do it." At one point Alison said "My feet are on fire".

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Tegan and Sara ACL 2008 

the Kills, ACL, Last Day of Magic 

ACL Fest 08 /day1


+ Austin City Limits, guest-starring 'Friday Night Lights'

Early in the day, one of the more enthusiastic songs I heard was Asleep at the Wheel's "Boogie Back To Texas".
+ Barack Obama Boogie Back To Texas with Asleep at the Wheel


Vampire Weekend at Austin City Limits 2008 w/Tosca

Vampire Weekend, new song, at Austin City Limits 2008 


Yes, I played "Beat It" on Guitar Hero: World Tour and kicked ass at it.

Pre (ACL) Austin City Limits`08 stuff


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Austin City Limits Festival 2007 Day 1

ACL Fest 2007 Bjork from AchtungBaby on Vimeo.

+ "Toward the end of her set Bjork's speaker, which was behind a huge ACL banner, spontaneously caught on fire!"





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ACL Fest, Austin, This and That


It's ACL Fest week here in Austin.

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"One wonders whether this will solve the audience-splitting problem created by the Arcade Fire/White Stripes conflict."

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The Accidental Gentrifist

And sure, since you mention it, I am a little sensitive to the whole ‘Californians are flocking here, buying up real estate and homogenizing local culture’ ideology. Because it’s just not true. It’s a generalization. A stereotype that’s more reflective of your own fear and ignorance than any actual phenomenon. About as on-beam as saying gypsies steal children, or that Jews need the blood of Christian virgins, otherwise the matzoh comes out all doughy. Or that Mexicans are leprocidal wage invaders. Or maybe you’re right-on. Maybe we’re on the verge of a massive wave of people uprooting from Santa Cruz and Marin and Santa Barbara, spontaneously deciding to give up six-figure jobs, valley produce, seven months of skiing, and an Eden-like coastline—in order to live in a hot-as-seven-hells, ocean-less city surrounded by Republicans, with scant options for decent Italian food, and where the word queso doesn’t actually mean ‘cheese.’ But Lord, do we have football. And music. And healthy, pretty, friendly people... rare enough for a place with both good football and good music. My point is, you're not going to get on the boat unless you're already on board, so to speak.



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/ Tristan Prettyman was pretty terrific. There's no avoiding the Jewel comparison ( has it really been 10 years since Pieces of You ? ) "The geekiest boy I know", she said, Jason Mraz came onstage to perform "Shy That Way" with her to the acclaim of all around.


/ What can I saw about Eisley? you know I love them ( this makes it the 6th or 7th time I've seen them). Non-album songs they performed: "Lady of the Woods", "Mr. Pine", "They All Surrounded Me", "the Escaping Song", the recently re-recorded "Head Against The Sky" and a new one that I think was called "Many Funerals".

+ Little video of "Head Against The Sky"
+ GettyImages pictures


/ Rachael Yamagata started of strong then ran into some technical problems in the middle of her set which made it all loose a little momentum so she pulled the ol crowd sings along to "Wore Me Down" to pick things up a bit. Someone around me yelled out "Play Criminal !".

/ The Arcade Fire have some nerve coming out in those suits when its over 100 degrees. "The temperature was now 104 with a heat index of “You’re fucked”." Two year's running now, the ACL has been on the hottest weekend of the year. Why the hell is the hottest weekend happening in September? I don't know, ask uncle global warming.

/ Franz Ferdinand pulled the one two punch of "Take Me Out" and "Do You Want To" back to back.

/ Coldplay inserted a bit of FF's "Do You Want To" into one of their songs.

+ Evacuees rocked at ACL Fest


Pink headphones for baby Apple. via Austin360.

"Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter, Apple, were backstage before the start of The Arcade Fire's show.."

ACL day deux


Tracy Bonham stepped in for Tegan and Sara. She even did a little bit of "Walking With A Ghost" which she said she had learned from itunes this morning. On another song she inserted "Holla Back Girl" at the end ( older folks around me wondered just what the hell she was saying) and attempted Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" (old folks around me rejoiced).

Aqualung was well received. They had extra time so they covered Queen's "Somebody To Love" ( little video ).

The Frames did the two songs I wanted to hear ( "Lay Me Down" and "Fake" with a little bit of Johnny Cash's "Ring of fire" at the end. ) and then I moved on. The lead singer was Very Annoying and spewed the most instances of "fucking" out of any performer I've ever seen at ACL.

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ACL dia uno

ACL Music Festival Interviews
+ Frames
+ Arcade Fire
+ Doves
+ Coldplay

Early highlight: Asleep at the Wheel's cover of "What A Wonderful World".

First band to mention the hurricane: the very energetic Kasabian who managed to sneak in "like that fucking hurricane" into one of their songs.

This man was jamming pretty hardcore to to Spoon and was featured on the screen a few times.

+ small one minute video of Spoon performing "Paper Tiger"

+ ACL Spooon review

Tegan and Sara & Kathleen Edwards didn't make it to ACL according to the official site.

ACL Fest 04


[ Day One ]

Best In Show: Neko Case { Small and short video clip }



Best Reaction from Audience: Franz Ferdinand "take me out" { Small and short video clip }
Best Set Opener: Ryan Adams: "To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)"
Underwhelming: The Killers

[ Day Two ]

An aerial view of the Austin City Limits Festival

Pleasant surprise: Cat Power sang "Satisfaction", Better Photo

I was far away for The Pixies

[ Day 3 ]

Spoon was good.

Pirate Balloons!

Rachael Yamagata's Sunday morning set was amazing. She introduced "These Girls" as a song about all the 15 year old girls her ex-boyfriend of seven years dated after her. Highlight: she performed "Woman"!

+ Photo Album
+ small clip of the crowd singing along: Worn Me Down

ACL Fest Day 3

[ Day 3 Photo Album ]

The final day. Ben Kweller performed all of "Sha-Sha" in order to mark the fact that this was the last show of this album's tour. In attendance were Conor from Bright Eyes, Taylor from Hanson and Albert Hammond, Jr of The Strokes plus about 500 teenage girls. Because I know at least three girls who like him I took pictures.

Beth Orton: Swoon. Nuff said. I was in the front row, against the stage. It was an acoustic set, she did about three new songs. I recorded a little video of Beth performing one of the new songs. It's over at

R.E.M : Excellent. Mr. Stipe seemed to been having fun. The highlights for me were "World Leader Pretend" and "Find the River". He dedicated one song to Conor Oberst but I can't remember which one it was.


ACL Fest Day 2


To sum up the day: it rained. It was muggy and not fun. The Dandy Warhols started out slow but ended up great because I got to hear the two songs I wanted: "you were the last high" and "we used to be friends".

Hours later: Bright Eyes. I had heard yesterday that Britt (of Spoon) was going to play with them and he did, but wait, there's more: To my extreme delight even Beth Orton joined Conor. Good times!

30 second clip of Beth and Conor singing

Usually I'm not all up in the front taking pictures and being crowded but I got up close to get some pictures for Colleen who loves Conor.

Bright Eyes - 9.20.03 Photo Album

ACL Fest Day 1

Thanks to a good guy at work I have a great parking space in the neighborhood near the park. So down I went to the festival. Met with with Chepo who was there to play with David Garza, he hooked me up with an artist badge and we hung out in the VIP area, playing ping pong and having our radars up for a glimpse of Liz Phair walking around. No such luck, the only sighting was that of Al Green's posse. So, David played and got people to stand up and be jolly and I took a bunch of pictures for Chepo, of course as usual I forgot my own damn digital camera at home. Then off I was to see Liz Phair. She was cute in her cowboy hat. I wondered if she was going to do any of her risky songs, and sure enough she talked about how "this is the part of the show were I do the more naughty stuff" or something like that and she did a quick solo fast paced sort of country-ish versions of that song where she says she wants to be your blowjob queen. She was all smiles. Later in the set she went all out and did "Hot White Cum" to everyone's delight.