a lesson in relativity in the appreciation of a woman’s body

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“One has seen a woman, a mere image in the decorative setting of life, like Albertine silhouetted against the sea, and then one has been able to take that image, to detach it, to bring it close to oneself, gradually to discern its volume, its colours, as though one had placed it behind the lens of a stereoscope. It is for this reason that women who are to some extent resistant, whom one cannot possess at once, of whom one does not indeed know at first whether one will ever possess them, are alone interesting. For to know them, to approach them, to conquer them, is to make the human image vary in shape, in dimension, in relief, is a lesson in relativity in the appreciation of a woman’s body, a woman’s life, so delightful to see afresh when it has resumed the slender proportions of a silhouette against the back-drop of life.”
Marcel Proust

in appreciation of PSN


That's my PS3 up there, with Amy Pond as the wallpaper and the new gorgeous and fantastic youtube app installed. I want to praise the PlayStationNetwork for the value it provides b/c it is shaming the hell out xbox live right now. I decided to give it a try for 3 months and so far SONY has put up so many quality games for free up for PSN Plus members that I can't even keep up! And lets not forget that SOUNDSHAPES is the bomb. I can't wait to show it to my best friend and have her play with it hands on.

Patty Hewes vs Ellen Parsons, fucking finally


I only know one other person who watches DAMAGES, but in case there are others who don't know the last season has started ( who would know! it's on something called "DirecTV’s Audience Network" ) consider this your warning that it has started and the first episode was EXCELLENT.  

+ Character Studies: Patty Hewes, Damages 
‘Damages’ Premiere: The Creators on That Twist, Julian Assange & The Final Season