Superman sort of elevates you...

Q: How about for other comics you've done?

A. All-Star Superman was like being a Buddhist for the entire period of writing that because I was thinking like Superman and reading all this hopeful, inspiring stuff. He's very different from Batman. Superman sort of elevates you when you're writing him and makes you think to a higher degree, and Batman makes you paranoid.
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“The most peculiar thing for me about returning to ‘Sandman’ is how familiar it all feels,” Mr. Gaiman said. What is new, however, is the level of attention. “When I was writing ‘Sandman’ from 1987 to 1996, I never had the feeling at any point that approximately 50 million people were looking over my shoulder scrutinizing ever word.” (Mr. Gaiman has about two million followers on Twitter.)

For the six-issue “The Sandman: Overture,” Mr. Gaiman has been paired with J.H. Williams III, an illustrator known for his moody imagery and innovative page layouts. “They are the most beautiful pages I have ever seen in periodical comics,” Mr. Gaiman said. “I ask him to do the impossible, and he gives me back more than I asked for.”

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After Man of Steel

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If you feel like reading Superman comics after you watch MAN OF STEEL, I recommend these 3 books.


One of my favorite Superman moments in comics is in this book. Superman manages to record a message letting his parents know that he made it to earth just fine and they see it just before Krypton blows up around them.




This is the end all be all Superman story. It's also a great animated movie.

everything I need to know in life i learned from all star superman



The best "What If..?" Superman story in recent memory: What if Superman had landed in the USSR instead of the USA?

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