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Lolita Blu-Ray
The last Lolita film recently had it's 20th anniversary and I've been waiting for an American blu-ray release of "Lolita" forever and a day.  I had given up but then I ran into a great release from Germany that was was the upgrade I was looking for. Here's the image difference between the DVD and this blu-ray.

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Lolita Starter Pack

2015: Favorite Films

Rey with Helmet

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: above is a quiet moment from this move that absolutely Love.

Steve Jobs: every year the Oscar screeners leak and I randomly watch one in the middle of the night that hits a cord with me. This was the one this year. 

Jobs: ‘Blu-ray is a bag of hurt’ , the Blu-ray comes out in February

Mad Max: Fury Road: I hope it gets nominated.

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Happy Star Wars weekend

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 11.54.12 AM

"I've seen it twice. I love it. I'm Star War-sed out." I said that to a friend then minutes later I ordered a Kylo Ren mask. So I guess I'm not really done with Star Wars HYPE after all. One merchandising item that I've really enjoyed is "The Art of TFA" book. It's fantastic!


 I've also gotten a kick out of the TFA play set for Disney Infinity. Timed to be released with the movie it was a handy way to play a video game with TFA stuff in it ASAP.

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the Long Tradition of Hating Your Own Work


Let’s take Woody Allen as another example. When Allen completed Manhattan in 1979, he was extremely dissatisfied. He recounts his thoughts at the time in Robert B. Weide’s fascinating 2011 documentary:
“When I was finished with it [Manhattan], I didn’t like the film at all. I saw it, and I spoke to United Artists at the time and offered to make a film for nothing if they would not put it out. I just thought to myself, ‘At this point in my life, if this is the best I can do, they shouldn’t give me money to make movies.’”
Fortunately for the rest of us, Allen did not succeed in suppressing the film. Manhattan was released to significant critical acclaim, earned two Oscar nominations, and became his second biggest box office hit of all time. More than 40 films later, Manhattan is still regarded by many as Allen’s best film, and has become one of the most iconic pictures ever made about New York City.

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Sexualized South

Baby Doll   (1956)     poster
"Upon its release in 1956, the film Baby Doll provoked virulent threats from protestors, bans from religious leaders, and flippancy from film critics who dismissed it as a lurid tale of a virgin child bride, her sexually frustrated husband, and her smarmy lover. Since then film historians have continued to revisit Baby Doll as significant to Hollywood’s censorship struggle; yet the film itself has failed to find a respectable place in the canon of American cinema and as such has rarely been the subject of detailed critical analysis. A collaboration between writer Tennessee Williams and director Elia Kazan, the story portrays the nineteen-year-old married virgin Baby Doll Meighan (Carroll Baker) who must consummate her marriage the following day on her twentieth birthday, as long as her husband Archie Lee Meighan (Karl Malden) upholds his end of the bargain: to provide her with a comfortable life. The wrinkle in his plan arrives in the form of Sicilian Silva Vacarro (Eli Wallach), who has overtaken the local cotton-gin business. After Archie Lee spitefully burns down his rival’s gin, Vacarro arrives at his house to seek revenge. There he meets Baby Doll, who becomes instrumental in his plan. What ensues is a complex mix of desire and desperation, with Baby Doll as both player and pawn."
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Jailbait of the year

If I were to cast a "Lolita" movie right now, these are my candidates: Chloe Grace Moretz or Tavi Gevinson as Dolores Haze.


Tavi Gevinson Taught Jimmy Fallon The ‘Bitchface’


“I think for some people the most difficult thing is coming to terms with the fact that being happy will not come as easily for them as they feel it ought to, that just smiling will usually not be enough, that being sensitive and observant sometimes makes you feel more ‘in touch’ with ‘life’ or whatever but most of the time it just feels like a burden, or like everyone else is in on some kind of joke that you’re taking way too seriously, and sometimes you feel like a brat because you can’t just accept how things seem to be, because you have to think about it all that just results in things always eventually being somewhat painful, and it sounds so pretentious, but it’s not like it’s smart thinking necessarily - it’s just that you’re curious about things, I guess.”
Tavi, Rookie Yearbook One