Fiona Has Wings

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I missed properly celebrating the 20th anniversary of Fiona's first album. So much of my early internet history is wrapped up in Fiona stuff. Anyways, that's ancient history, just go listen to the album.

This was the review that got me to buy her album and the first time I heard of her: 

Jul 29, 1996
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+ An ode to Fiona Apple’s “Tidal,” on its 20th anniversary
+ 20 Rock Albums Turning 20 in 2016

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Addicted to Drugs in a Criminal Sidedish Cage

from Apple Volume 2

+ Arcade Fire - My Body Is A Cage [Live At L'Olympia]
+ Ben Folds ft Regina Spektor "You don't Know Me" @ Conan O'Brien
+ Ray Lamontagne: One Lonesome Saddle, Meg White

@ Patrick Tsai via Professional Dreamer

[ Kaiser Chiefs: Addicted To Drugs, Oh My God/Live ]


+ Fiona Apple with Nickel Creek: Criminal , Fast As You Can, Limp, Waltz (Better Than Fine).
+ The Ronnie Mund Show / Ronnie calls Hotheaded Tough Guy

don't ask me why. by ~Moosiatko

+ Rachael Yamagata, 'Sidedish Friend'


+ 2 Candidates, 2 Comics
+ Politifact Truth-O-Meter
+ The Jed Report
+ While waiting for the debate to start, I was channel surfing and ran into this show on PBS: Docubloggers, #119 "Duty".

"Hardship makes the world obscure." 
- Don Delillo

source 1, 2

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+ Being a reading of the first chapter of Neil's new book:

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