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photo: Sophie Delaporte

[ Maude Maggart & Fiona Apple - Paper Moon ]

I can write the saddest poem of all tonight.

Write, for instance: "The night is full of stars,
and the stars, blue, shiver in the distance."

The night wind whirls in the sky and sings.

I can write the saddest poem of all tonight.
I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too.

On nights like this, I held her in my arms.
I kissed her so many times under the infinite sky.

She loved me, sometimes I loved her.
How could I not have loved her large, still eyes?

I can write the saddest poem of all tonight.
To think I don't have her. To feel that I've lost her.

To hear the immense night, more immense without her.
And the poem falls to the soul as dew to grass.

What does it matter that my love couldn't keep her.
The night is full of stars and she is not with me.

That's all. Far away, someone sings. Far away.
My soul is lost without her.

As if to bring her near, my eyes search for her.
My heart searches for her and she is not with me.

The same night that whitens the same trees.
We, we who were, we are the same no longer.

I no longer love her, true, but how much I loved her.
My voice searched the wind to touch her ear.

Someone else's. She will be someone else's. As she once
belonged to my kisses.
Her voice, her light body. Her infinite eyes.

I no longer love her, true, but perhaps I love her.
Love is so short and oblivion so long.

Because on nights like this I held her in my arms,
my soul is lost without her.

Although this may be the last pain she causes me,
and this may be the last poem I write for her.

-- Pablo Neruda


Sarah Slean - Twin Moon (live, 1997)

Criminal was Criminal

 "Criminal" performed @ 1997 Vh1 fashion awards  

A) For almost a year I've had Fiona's "Criminal" performance from the 1997 VH1 fashion awards show  up on YouTube. They decided to randomly remove it. Without notice. At least before Google bought them I received a notice once, before they removed a Fiona performance from Leno I had posted. And by "randomly removed" and "without notice" I mean some Punk Ass Bitch must have pulled the god damned DMCA on it.

B)  Location 1 , Location 2 , Location 3

C) Fuck You Viacom.

+ Update: Viacom tells YouTube to remove content

[ Previously....A tale of two Criminals ]


Video Clip: Fiona: I hardly ever write anything down..........

Video Clip: QT: I'm a sound check virgin..............

[ one more ] Video Clip: It's like some sort of "God antenna"....

Fiona and Quentin Tarantino on ICONOCLASTS will air this Thursday, November 9th @ 9 PM ET/PT. The sound check from this episode is from the same show I went to see this summer. In fact, in my original post I asked "Was that Quentin Tarantino backstage?"

10 Years Under The Waves


She sat down at the piano
the most beautiful pianist in the world
dressed in a photographer's robe
I was rambling through the yellow pages
of my old slave's heart
for something better than gratitude
when upon the mucous she installed
the tiniest royal sailing ship
the sea has ever given back
saying, Sometimes I am with thee
sometimes I must go to where
a man is stranger to his pain.

Leonard Cohen , The Energy of Slaves

Original Release Date: July 23, 1996 

It seems like it was just yesterday that I read a review on TIME magazine about this album and ran out and got it. It was 6.99 at Circuit City that week it came out. Instantly I was fanatical about it. Back then Sony had a message board for Fiona and that was about it, so I decided to make a fan page ( what a mid-90's teenage thing to do? ). It was called Under The Waves. Soon after I created a mailing list with the same name that got a following and a guy named Steve (I think) made shirts for it:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I got to meet Fiona once. I should have become a groupie and gone on the road with her.

Good thing I Scanned this because it got stolen. Ok, enough of this walk down memory lane.


+ Sleep To Dream (live Paris 1996) - "She made her stage debut at a music business function  in Paris." 


Elvis Costello's "I Want You" by Fiona Apple

Things that cheered me this week


// Veronica Mars Season 1 rocked my socks off

// Lilly Allen made my car's stereo happy 
+ "Oh My God " cover

// The Venture Brothers delivered a classic episode
+ Clip from last Sunday's Episode
+ The Venture Bros.: "Hate Floats" Review
+ The Monarch's homage to Scared Straight

// Fiona performed a PERFECT live rendition of "I Know" last night at the backyard. Was that Quentin Tarantino backstage?
+ Fiona Apple, I Know (extract)  Victoria Apollo Theatre, London

// The All New Atom #1 was sprinkled with random quotes. Great first issue. Based on ideas and concepts by Grant Morrison. 

+ Dial B for Blog reviews Superman Returns

apple live again

Went and saw Fiona Apple's show opening for Snoreplay this weekend. The song that got the biggest reponse when people recognized it was Paper Bag so here's an old bootleg live version of it.

+ Fiona Apple puts eccentric style to good use during Dallas show -

Her performance Sunday was absorbing, not in the least because of her eccentric style, including lots of fist-shaking and dramatic gestures.

One of the most impressive aspects was her seeming refusal to give anything less than 100 percent.

+ Cold Apples In Dallas

+ old vids at youtube

+ fiona apple/coldplay 2/25/06 vid

I may not love That Extraordinary Machine

/ Not About Love video clip /

OK, I didn't care about "Oh Sailor" b/c it was one of my least favorite EM songs but now that I've heard the new mix of "Not About Love". What the fuck! The guy in the video reminds me of Ryan.

The Village Broadsheet - "There's music on there that wasn't even part of [what I recorded]. It's wrong, It's not like, 'I don't quite like the mix,' I wasn't happy with [the leak] cause I don't like those versions. It's stuff that doesn't reflect what we recorded, for the most part, except for the stuff that's just her and an orchestra. That's just right — but as far as the rest of it, it doesn't reflect what I recorded."

What's new with our dear Fiona


+ "So yesterday we shot Fiona Apple's new music video Parting Gift...."
+ Sound Clips from a re-recorded version of "Oh Sailor" and "Parting Gift"
+ Take A Bite Out Of Fiona Apple
 + Beyond The Rubicon
+ The new fiona-apple.com is up. Sign up for the mailing list and you can listen to a stream of "Parting Gift".
+ Fiona Fashions A Different 'Machine'

Fiona Apple, the smoky-voiced singer whose unreleased third album turned into a cause célèbre for her fervent fans and was leaked online, has recorded new versions of its songs and plans to release the album on Oct. 4, according to people involved with the recording. New York Times [ via LHB]

Extraordinary Machine out and about

Fiona Apple and Jon Brion, producer of Extraordinary Machine.

: Fiona Apple Is Cookin' on the Net

BigChampagne, which monitors songs available on file-sharing services, found that at any one time about 38,000 users in the United States are downloading songs from Extraordinary Machine. The most popular track is "Please Please Please," with more than 20,000 simultaneous downloads, according to the company.

+ slant magazine EM review

Was “Criminal” an “obvious single”?) Admit it, when Rolling Stone described the title track as “a Tin Pan Alley-esque blend of Tom Waits and Vaudeville,” you shit yourselves. You probably told Fiona, who could very well have quoted you in “Please Please Please,” one of Machine’s many Doors-by-way-of-Kurt-Weill tunes: “Give us something familiar/Something similar/To what we know already/That will keep us steady…going nowhere.”

+ Extraordinary Gall: RIAA v. Fans (Round 8,501)
+ San Francisco Chronicle: Who Will Free Fiona Apple?
+ The Book L.A. Interview  (2004)